Why Hire An ACT Private Tutor?

On the journey to college, every student has to sit for various exams and tests to take in order to determine their path after high school. Students must use these exams as opportunities to compete for placement at the best colleges and universities. Like any competition, technique, strategy and practice are all essential. No football player ever won the Super Bowl without being drilled and challenged daily by their coach. At the same time, no student should have to take a test like the ACT without having a private tutor to instill as much preparation as possible.

The ACT is Unlike Any Other Test

While the SAT gets all the attention for being the important test to determine a student’s collegiate potential, act-testthe ACT offers its own unique set of challenges and advantages that can put your student ahead of the pack. Given it’s unique challenges and advantages, you want someone by your student’s side to navigate the preparation process.

  • In order to expedite the lengthy admissions process, colleges have to rely on standardized test scores more and more each year. Having a solid ACT score on top of good grades and SAT scores else gives colleges one more reason to put your student at the top of list.

  • Schools rely heavily on training students on how to take state tests and SAT scores, both of which can affect that schools’ funding. Preparation for the ACT can fall to the wayside. Hiring an ACT private tutor to train your student on how to approach the ACT’s unique structure can fill in the gaps teachers miss.

  • Your student will only have to take the Writing section of the ACT if required or requested by the colleges he or she is applying to. An ACT Private Tutor will know how to help your prepare for this tricky extra section of the exam.

Private Tutor Vs. No Private Tutor

While it is possible to achieve a good ACT score alone, the advantage to having a private tutor for the ACT are very persuasive. Relying on classes, online resources and study groups alone cannot provide the number of benefits that will bolster your students confidence, study skills and ability to conquer the ACT.

An ACT private tutor can provide…

  • Pacing and tailored lessons.
  • One-on-one attention and focus.
  • Flexible, convenient schedules.
  • Specific, expert knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • Little distraction and no unnecessary competition

Group/Online/Individual study can provide…

  • Pressure on a student to keep up.
  • Competition for attention and lack of focus.
  • Unnecessary commute.
  • Memorization over problem solving and unsaturated instruction.
  • Too much socializing and opportunity for distraction.