10 Ways to Prep for the SAT and ACT

summer studyingThe College Board has revealed the new 2013 SAT Schedule and the new 2013 ACT Schedule for both U.S. and International Registration dates.  Students serious about their grades and scholarship opportunities should plan on giving themselves at least 12 weeks to prepare.  Other than a student’s overall academic record and high school resume, the SAT or the ACT test scores are the most important college entrance requirements to the college of your choice.  Strong test scores alone can increase the chances of getting into the college of your choice and open doors to full ride or partial scholarship opportunities.

Below are 10 tips put together by SAT Preparation Group and the International College Counselors to help you prepare for the SAT and/or ACT over the summer.

1.  Start early and study regularly.  Students should do a little studying each day without the stress of classes and extra curricular activities.  Make studying a daily habit as engrained as checking your Facebook by becoming a fan of one of SAT Prep Group’s daily updated social media outlets (Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter) and participate in our daily vocabulary to update your vocabulary journal.

For effective vocabulary studying, keep a journal with vocabulary that is unfamiliar to you.  Write down the word, definition, three synonyms of the word to give you reference of three more words that you can learn in relation to the definition. Then illustrate a drawing or paste a picture from a magazine that will help you remember what the definition means.  Beneath the drawing write a sample sentence that will help you to understand the definition of the word through context.  SAT Prep Group does this for you with our daily vocabulary.  However, try coming up with a sentence and drawing that is personal to you to help you remember.  This will make the learning much more effective without having to go back and study the vocabulary over and over again.

2.  Take practice tests of both the ACT and the SAT.  SAT Preparation Group provides an official Diagnostics Test for both the ACT and the SAT as well as a full debriefing of results once you have finished the test.  You are allowed to take the tests as many times as you need.  We encourage you to use the test as a study tool!  Request your copy of the SAT or ACT Diagnostics Test with the button below.


3.  Take timed SAT and ACT practice tests making every effort to replicate an authentic test experience.  We encourage students to do this with our Diagnostics Tests as well as with official, College Board tests.  Free, timed practice tests can be found on the College Board website for both the ACT and SAT.

4.  Learn the solutions to every question that was answered wrong on the practice test(s).  SAT Preparation Group provides the answer key to their Diagnostics Tests.  The College Board also provides answer explanations to incorrect answers on their practice tests.  For further explanations, feel free to contact us at SAT Prep Group for help with Diagnostics Test explanations.

5.  Check out all the different kinds of SAT resources available from Amazon, a local bookstore, or free online.  SAT Preparation Group has a video blog available for recommended books available for students studying for the SAT or ACT.  Check it out here on our FAQs page!

6.  Learn vocabulary the fun and easy way with vocabulary cartooons, SAT crosswords and tools such as Flocabulary (hip-hop music that boosts vocbulary).

7.  Seek help from tutors such as SAT Preparation Group!  Tutors can help students improve test-taking techniques and gain score-boosting skills.


8.  Know that almost every four-year school in the United States accepts both the ACT and the SAT scores.  This means you can focus your efforts on just one test.  However, know which test is going to be the best for you and why.  We have several videos and blogs to help you decide on whether to take the ACT or SAT is best for you located on our FAQs page here.

9.  Plan when to take the tests as well as what time of year is going to be the best time for you to take the SAT or ACT.  Not every student’s schedule is the same.  Check the 2013 schedule for the SAT here and the 2013 ACT schedule here.  Keep in mind both the SAT and the SAT II cannot be taken in the same day.

10.  Repeat “it’s never too early to start preparing.”  These are two tests that cannot be crammed for.  And if you still feel like you need more advice.  Check out our Free SAT Study Guide:  How to Crush the SAT in 3 Easy Steps for helpful tools and information on how to prepare for the SAT in advance.


Parents can help relieve stress and anxiety on their students by providing verbal and emotional support.  Even a simple, “You can do it!” can make a bit difference in their student’s lives.

There are several tricks that can bump up a student’s score for the SAT or ACT, but these are not just one trick tests.  SAT Preparation Group wants to teach students how to prepare for life and not just one test.

Get your free consultation by clicking the button above and let us know any questions you have!  We are always here to help.  And the secret to any new school year is to enjoy it, regardless of what you do!  You’ve earned it!

What do you feel is the most helpful tool above?  Let us know in the blog comments!

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