What To Expect In The 2016 SAT Changes

2016 SAT Changes

The SAT offers a straightforward test which measures high school students’ reading, writing, and math skills and allows colleges and universities to surmise a candidate’s potential abilities and success for college work.

The overall score is used as part of the college admissions packet, doing well on this exam is vitally important, especially if you have your mind set on going to a particular institute.  Early SAT preparation is your best bet in order to pace yourself well for the big day and ensure adequate test taking skills.

Every so often the SAT undergoes some evaluation and if determined to be necessary the exam goes through some revisions.  One such period is about to come in the spring of 2016.  These 2016 SAT changes are important to understand for those who will be affected in order to be able to tackle the exam and come out a winner.

The College Board has determined that there are a few criteria that need redesigning to better align with what high school students have learned within their curriculums.  Of course with any changes, there are those who are critical while others are in praise of the new format.  What remains is that the SAT score is still one of the biggest component factors when applying to a college or university.

Upon the announced redesign, our staff at SAT Preparation Group thoroughly began researching the forthcoming changes to the SAT.  We are now confident with the new format and can help you better reach your academic goals through tutoring or study group sessions lead by our professionals.  Our teams have narrowed down the exam’s new emphasis format to some simple elements that can easily be understood.


Some Notable SAT Changes

One of the most talked about differences between the new SAT versus the old one is the point scale.  The revised score will be out of 1600 and no longer 2400.  Furthermore, scoring will only include the questions that were correctly answered, motivating test takers to give their best shot; therefore, the penalty for wrong answers will no longer be included.

1. The New Math Section:  Math will now be worth half of the total 1600 available points.  In addition, there will be some portions that will not allow for calculator use.  The College Board determined that there are 3 broad areas which ought to be tested and best reveal college readiness and so expected math problems that a test taker will encounter include:

  • Ratios, percents, proportions
  • Linear equations and functions
  • Complex equations

2. The New Essay Section:  As part of the revamping format for the SAT, test takers will now have an option whether or not to do the essay portion.  However, it is important to note that many colleges and universities will require it for admissions considerations.   The new time given will be 50 minutes rather than the old 25 for essay completion.

Specifically, students will be given an argument and asked to analyze it with supporting documentation.  This revision to the old essay requirement means that test takers will no longer have the flexibility to use personal experiences and opinions instead they will need to provide analysis based on facts and reasoning in their writing.   It is easy to see that students of AP history may find the essay format something they have encountered and worked with before.

3. The New Reading Section:  The vocabulary section will see a fair amount of change which will include a better emphasis on words used more commonly rather than obscure words which are likely to be learned from flashcards and then shortly after taking the test forgotten.  Words will likely be included in context and students will be asked for their meanings.

Another area with change will be with the reading passages.  Here students will be asked to draw conclusions from reasoning and critical thinking and through evidence that is provided.  Furthermore, texts will come in the form of informational graphics, excerpts from science and history, and others.


Our Preparation Equals Yours

Although these changes to the SAT do exhibit significant differences between the new and old versions, there is no need to panic just yet, since the new SAT is still some time away.   However, it is important to be ahead of the game and know that they are coming.  SAT Preparation Group is in the habit of being very familiar with the exam and in turn, our learners are among the top scorers given to our great planning.

If college is in your future, SAT Preparation Group can help you navigate the 2016 SAT changes and get you into your dream educational institute.  We know our business well and have helped many high school students enter their new educational phase.  You can be among our successful learners.

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