5 College Application No No’s

no11Students know what to do and are eager to research their favorite programs at their favorite schools.  Parents, teachers, and coaches like us here at SAT Prep Group are reminding students to keep an organized list of deadlines for absolutely everything!  The college admissions process can be a very challenging time for parents and students alike.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Check out these five things you should never, ever do during the college application process.  This will help save you time and a lot of stress.

1.  Never pretend to be someone you’re not!  Never pad your resume.  Never pretend to be great at something you’re not or be truly passionate about something you’re not truly excited about.  Embrace what you are good at and talk about what you love!

2.  Never pretend you do not have a social media footprint.  Take an extra minute to set ALL of your social media accounts to private.  Yes, ALL of them.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just your Facebook is a social media account.  That means your Twitter and especially your Twitter!  Don’t forget other accounts you may not use often – Google+, YouTube, LastFM, Blogger, WordPress.  Think of all your OLD accounts you don’t use anymore.  Delete them.  MySpace, Friendster, Picasa, Flickr, Tumblr? Even then, consider your profile photo and “About Me” information which can be seen regardless of your private account.

3.  Don’t forget to proofread.  You are filling out application after application after application.  It’s easy to overlook mistakes and it’s easy for your friends and family to overlook the same mistakes.  When you proofread, read your applications outloud.  It’s easier to see your repeated patterns when you’re reading them outloud.

4.  Never EVER bombard admissions staff with phone calls and/or emails.  The people you are annoying are often the same people who are reading your college essays and applications.  Keep that in mind.  Regardless, they are human beings.  There is a good reason for whether or not they contact you back immediately.  If you contact them constantly, it isn’t exactly motivating for them to want to speak to you as soon as possible.

5.  Leaving your college essay for the last minute is never a good idea.  This is the most important part of your college essay application.  What does it say about you if you leave your essay for the last minute?  Even if you’re not writing it in your essay, it is written between the lines.  Trust me.  The first draft you write will not be the last one and therefore not the final draft you turn in.  Be prepared to spend time on “who you are.”

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