5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your SAT Prep

college-board-sat-scoresWhen preparing for the SAT it might be a little bit easier if a student’s entire Junior and Senior year were dedicated to learning only SAT prep terms.  After all the student has nothing better to do than understand every question that could possibly be on this standardized test, right?  Not exactly.  Students who engage in extra curricular activities such as sports and clubs are extremely busy during their Junior and Senior years.  All of these extra activities are just as important to a high school student resume as a GPA or SAT score.  So how does a student juggle it all?


1.  Keep it Positive. This is a test, it is only a test.  You can do your best and you can do better than your best with the right kind of preparation, organization, and planning.  Prepare in a way that gives you confidence in taking the test rather than increased anxiety.  This means don’t cram and ask for help when you need it.

2.  Become a Creature of Habit.  Set a study schedule that becomes as routine as checking your social media feeds.  Spend that time each day studying a new vocabulary word and practicing a math problem that you know you’re easily stumped on.  Take our SAT Preparation Diagnostics Test here to keep track of what you already know versus what you should focus on!  You will receive a full evaluation with your score stating your test taking strengths and weaknesses.  Utilize this information to get to know yourself and how studying, for you, translates to a test.

3 and 4.  Ground yourself.  I mean really, ground yourself.  Not only should you come down to Earth, center yourself in the intention you have in your daily studies and stay focused on your overall purpose; you should literally ground yourself from hours on the Internet or television marathons via Netflix.  This day and age is filled with distraction after distraction.  Rather than side track yourself with these techno resources, reward yourself with them.  As Stephen Covey says – First Things First – study before you relax and you will be that much more satisfied and stay ahead of the game.

5.  Study with friends.  When you find yourself getting distracted by something as simple as your thoughts, reading the same sentences over and over again, get together with a friend who will make studying fun again.  Make sure that friend will help keep you on track and not serve as a distraction to your studies!

When it comes to taking tests like the SAT, you’ll always get what you put in.  Even the brightest and most disciplined students won’t do their best without a little study and preparation.  Everyone needs to study!  By making a habit of studying and staying positive, knowing how and when to reward yourself, and keeping your purpose in mind you will go as far as you can imagine with your future!

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*Information for this article was sourced from Bloomberg BusinessWeek online magazine.

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