7 Ways to Boost Your High School Resume Over the Summer

Summer-CAmpsSAT Preparation Group has endless advice on how to make the most of your summer break to help boost your high school resume and get into the college of your choice.

The time is now!  Take advantage of these helpful tips to boost your high school resume and get into the college of your dreams.

7 Ways to Boost Your High School Resume Over the Summer!

  1. Join a team.  If you are into sports or considering the possibility of becoming a student athlete, the summer presents a great time to join a community team.  For already active athletes, this is a chance to stay in shape.  For prospective athletes, soccer camp, neighborhood swim team, or even training for a marathon are all good ways to stay engaged, stay healthy, and find out just exactly what you’re made of.
  2. Learn something new.  While studying over the summer may not sound like the best summer break you’ve ever had, consider taking a virtual class or attending a dual enrollment program on a subject that you’re already passionate about.  If you’re considering a degree in Computer Science, join CodeAcademy over the summer.  If you enjoy writing, join a Poetry program or take classes from a local Community Writing Center.  The possibilities are endless!
  3. Get a summer job and help save for college.  Many colleges consider a summer job part of a student’s extracurricular activities.  Become a lifeguard!  Work at a local ice cream stand!  Either way, maintaining a consistent work schedule shows responsibility.
  4. Become an intern.  As a high school student, you don’t need to know what you’re going to be when you grow up, but you likely already know what interests you.  The only way to find out what it is you want to become is to get out and test the waters!  Intern somewhere local to you that will help you learn the ropes.  If you want to become a dentist, intern as an office assistant at a local dentist office.  If you want to be a journalist, see how you can help your local paper over the summer.
  5. Volunteer!  Volunteering is a good way to gain a positive perspective on life, and volunteering opportunities are endless!  If you want to become a nurse or doctor, consider volunteering at your local hospital.  If you have a passion for people, put together a food/clothing drive in your neighborhood.  Show how you can help your local community.
  6. Travel.  This is one area where you can put many different summer resume boosters into act all at the same time.  Travel someplace new.  While there, consider volunteering (even if it is just a few hours over the weekend) and getting to know the community.  See if there are any academic or athletic summer camps you can join in this new place.  Work with a friend or immerse yourself in a foreign community to help learn a new language.
  7. Create your own opportunity.  Work towards becoming an Eagle Scout.  Start your own business.  Create a service project in your local community where your family or friends can help you.
  8. Take advantage of your time.  Keep your mind engaged and help prepare for the upcoming school year by reading more and keeping a journal.
  9. Think ahead.  Join a summer test prep class and utilize your free time throughout the summer to focus on scoring big on the SAT or ACT at the start of next year.  By studying over the summer, you’ll have less pressure than you will experience throughout a busy school year.  A few hours each week throughout the summer can save you from an entire school year of test prep classes and having to retake the SAT or ACT to get the score you need.
  10. Relax.  Take some time to do something you love that will allow you to relax throughout the summer.  If you work too hard or sign up for too many summer activities, you risk burning out earlier in the school year.

What did you do over the summer or what do you hope to do that will improve your high school resume?  Let us know in the blog comments or join the conversation on Twitter #SATPG!

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