The Benefits Of An ACT Private Tutor

ACT Private Tutor

It is more likely than not that all your life you’ve been encouraged to work hard towards anything you have set your mind to doing. A good example is studying and doing well on college entrance exams like the ACT exam, which can be the deciding factor on acceptance into your dream university.

SAT Preparation Group has worked with enough local and international students in test preparation to know that through dedication and the right strategy, you can get the score you want on the ACT. The reality is that an admissions packet with a standout score is one factor which gets the needed attention of the acceptance committee. So despite your exceptional efforts during your high school years, without the proper ACT guidance and performance, your college dreams may get sidetracked.

The key to a stellar score on this exam is to work with one of our ACT private tutors.  As our record indicates, those students who follow our prep guidance can expect a substantial increase in score from their practice exam or if they’ve already taken the exam. We keep all our past student records in order to continuously improve on the service we provide to our students.

We invite you to see for yourself by exploring our website.  There you will see all the local high schools which we work with and you can gain an understanding of just how effective our private tutors are in the various exams we offer prep for.


What Are The Advantages?

Come test day, you want to be ready with the tools your ACT private tutor has given you.  Besides the learning of crucial content, there are a number of other areas which are important enough that if they are overlooked they will negatively affect your overall score.  Among the vital areas are included:

  • Time management:  Without proper allocation of your time during the ACT’s different sections you will decrease the chances of doing well.  Remember the efficient use of time is imperative for any standardized test because there is only so much you are allocated per section.  Therefore, you can expect your tutor to help you in:

o   The creation of an outline for the essay, so no matter the prompt you get, you can quickly and effectively put your writing together without wasting time.  By the time exam day comes, this process will be second nature to you.

o   Proper allocation on math problems.  Your tutor will provide you with vigorous time frames to allocate for each question in the math section.  With the proper practice, you will learn to spend only the crucial amount of time in order to get through all the problems efficiently.

o   The technique of skimming and rereading.  What is certain is that some ACT questions will require only the minimal skimming to get to the right answer, while others may need more time.  You ACT tutor will teach you how to identify these questions in order for you to keep good pace.

  • Knowing the navigation: You never want to walk into an exam without being highly familiar with the set-up and directions for each section.  The ACT exam is stressful enough, without having to learn, on exam day no less, what the instructions are for each section.  Your private tutor will give you plenty of practice with actual ACT tests in order for you not to have to waste time on exam day.

All of our ACT private tutors know that this exam is your chance to prove yourself to potential colleges.  An exemplary score will indeed open up doors for you to the institutes of your dreams.  On the other hand, a score which is subpar will certainly impact your college career and start you off on the wrong foot.

Key preparation for exam day cannot be underestimated because your performance really can be seen as the gateway to your future.  Get in touch with us today to discuss useful strategies for your individualized preparation.  We can help you maximize your performance on the ACT exam and get you on the path you have always worked for.

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