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As high school students begin the wrap up their sophomore years, their thoughts are likely to turn to a coveted spot in the freshman class at a chosen university.   This yearning is both natural and inevitable for those who are certain they are college bound.

Then there is the assembly of the college admissions packet.  Of course, this paperwork highlights an individual’s career in courses taken, extracurricular activities, sports participation, volunteer work, and the college exam score that was earned.  Some students opt for the SAT, while others prefer to take the ACT; then there is a trend which is showing a good percentage of students actually takes both.

The ACT exam is similar to the SAT as it is a standardized multiple choice test which is designed to assess readiness for college work.  Some tout the merits and necessity of such aptitude measurement, while others declare it is biased, inaccurate, and does not properly indicate the expected performance of students in their first year of college.

Whichever side of the argument you may be on, what remains is that a top ACT score will certainly get your admissions application noticed.

For this reason, ACT private tutors have been in demand and it has been noted that more and more students prefer this method for grasping content, acquiring test taking strategies, and familiarizing themselves with what to expect on test day.  Those learners also have seen their scores improve as compared to practice tests while under the tutor’s guidance and on the day of the ACT exam.


SAT Preparation Group and Customization

Our experience has shown that every learner is a little different.  For this reason we offer courses that can be matched to the attainment of your goals.  You can choose among the following:

  • Individual private tutoring
  • Group courses
  • In-home classes
  • Online private tutoring
  • Choice in which coach you want
  • Choice in number of sessions

This customization gets us both in the right relationship.  From there you accumulate all the benefits of having partnered up with the team that knows the ACT well.  Through your determination and our guidance, you can expect to earn a dynamite score when it is all said and done.


Why ACT Private Tutors Stand Out

Our approach at SAT Preparation Group is personal, patient, and effective.  We have privately tutored a number of local students in the Palm Beach area and additionally keep a close tie to a great number of the high schools in our vicinity.  There are a multitude of reasons why we have and continue to strengthen these relationships.

Among which is the simple fact that time and time again, our record speaks for itself.  Our students do well and in many instances even surpass the score they were hoping to reach before our partnership.  Receiving private tutoring from us can give you:

  • Tailored instruction which amplifies your strengths and addresses areas that pose difficulties
  • Exposure to actual ACT tests which were used in the past
  • Attainment of broader knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and science
  • Test taking and time management skills to use on test day
  • Study skills that can be used currently and in your college career

In addition, the convenience of having a private tutor means that the meetings can occur at a time and place which suit you the best.  Namely, in your home, at a café or anywhere else that is conducive to you doing focused work.  For those students that reside internationally, courses through the Internet are a perfect option.


Let’s Get Started

It is never too soon to contact SAT Preparation Group to receive a free consultation that explains our test tutoring varieties and gives you some background on our prep tutors.  Undoubtedly, in Palm Beach or anywhere else, we are the only ones to offer the most consistent and best tutoring available.

So how is it that we stand out from the rest?  In a nutshell, we recognize that each student has a unique profile and test taking skills in which to work with.  We take this background and piece together a strategy that enables you to improve upon what you may not know and expand on other diverse needs that require addressing.

It is also worth noting that all our ACT private tutors have strong professional and educational background that guarantees you that we know our stuff.  Combined with your determination and dedication, you will be able to perform well on the day you take the ACT test.  Once you achieve a top score, not only will your goals be fulfilled, but ours will be as well.

Whether you are in Palm Beach or reside overseas, SAT Preparation Group is here waiting to get started with you.

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