Are Test Prep Companies & Test Prep Tutors Worth It?

Piggy-Bank-CollegeWhen preparing for tests like the SAT, ACT, or SSAT, getting the very best score you can will drastically impact your future!  Your test score will directly coorelate with whether or not you are accepted to your preferred college or university.  But, that’s not the only impact your test score will have!  Students who score in the 90th percentile or above are far more likely to receive college scholarships.

Colleges and universities throughout the United States gauge a student’s ability to succeed in college by their standardized test scores.  While many schools would never admit it, education is just another form of business.  Schools throughout the world want to be able to show they have the best and brightest students in attendance.  The higher your SAT score, ACT score, or SSAT score, the more dependable you are as a good reference and honorable alumni for the school you choose to attend.

Students who score average (or below) on the SAT, ACT, or SSAT may still be accepted to a college or university based on the remainder of their college application.  However, standardized tests are often considered an entrance exam for universities throughout the United States.  A low score often means the college you attend will require you to start with lower-level coursework.  These classes are below entry level.  Essentially, students who are required to take a lower-level course are retaking high school level classes at college prices!

Don’t be lazy!  While a college adviser is just doing their job in accepting students or placing students into the proper classes, I believe you know your stuff!  Unfortunate for some students who have trouble focusing, have trouble retaining information, or are fraught with test anxiety, what you know is measured entirely by your standardized test scores.  Don’t stop with your first SAT score.  Don’t be fooled by an “almost there” ACT score.  Ensure you get to attend the college of your dreams by raising your SSAT score!  Working with a test prep company can help you raise your test scores.  However, you’ll want to make sure you invest in a test prep company that will offer you more than some memorization tips and tricks.  A test prep company should offer you personal student coaching as well as test prep tutoring tailored to match YOUR needs and YOUR type or level of learning.  That’s exactly what we do here at SAT Preparation Group.  Our test prep tutors and personal student coaches work with parents and students, involving the whole family in learning a set of study skills and daily habits that will help alter your future – beyond your test and beyond attending college!

Does Test Prep Work?

This last week, the Florida Sun Sentinel reported, “Independent studies show that the effect of test preparation on SAT performance is marginal, boosting scores by 30 points, on average.”  That’s true for almost all test prep companies, and I hate to admit that 30 points is actually an improvement for test prep companies helping students to raise their SAT score.

While many companies and personal tutors show you only their best student results and reviews, SAT Preparation Group bares all!  We publish EVERY student score from the beginning of time!  Since we started as an SAT prep company in 2001, we have shared all of our SAT scores.  To see our long list of successful students and download a report of how our test prep scores improved from 2007 to 2013, visit our results page.

SAT Preparation Group has the highest average SAT score increase in the nation!!!

Throughout the 2012-2013 school year, our test prep tutors and their students worked together to achieve an average SAT score increase of 323.5 point per student!!!  Our top 25% students raised their SAT scores by an average of 504.7 points!  That’s SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the 30 point average that registered test prep companies have throughout the nation.

Client-families who invest with SAT Preparation Group for Concierge SAT or ACT  Prep typically enjoy a substantial Return on Investment.

For example, 96% Of Our Florida Students Qualify For Bright Futures Scholarships.

  • Typical 75% level Florida public college minimum ROI = 389 – 423%
  • Typical 100% level Florida public college minimum ROI = 501 – 554%
  • Typical average-achiever private college merit scholarship ROI = 1,503- 1,643%
  • Typical high-achiever private college merit scholarship ROI = 4,389 – 5,477%

This means the financial Return on Investment of our test prep courses is worth 4 to 54 times the cost of your in-home or online test prep course!

Aside from a substantial increase in qualifying for college scholarships, a SAT Preparation Group student will have:

  • a lifetime of enhanced critical thinking ability,
  • an IQ boost,
  • the value of deep practice,
  • intangible post-college opportunities,
  • study skills to carry with them throughout college,
  • and better overall college preparedness.

It’s a Win-Win no brainer any way you look at it!  Check out our in-home test prep options throughout South Florida and our online test prep coaching offerred WORLDWIDE!  Join us at SAT Preparation Group today for your concierge prep service. You deserve the best!

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