Attending College Information Sessions

0474-k-pearlman-photography-resized-600The schools are coming!  The schools are coming!  Attending info sessions can help students learn about colleges and, as importantly, will enable colleges to learn about their interests.  To find out about upcoming info sessions, students should visit the websites of the schools they are interested in, and fill out the online forms to receive more information. This way they’ll learn when the college comes to town.

To get the invite all you need to do is ask. (Or have your college admissions counselor ask for you).

At an info session, representatives from a University will present information about their institution and answer questions about the college admissions process. Students, and parents who accompany them, will learn what distinguishes one school from another, what colleges look for in the selection process, and what one can do to enhance the college application. Generally, each session lasts approximately an hour.  Sometimes food is served, sometimes it’s not.

It’s never too early to start looking at colleges. Students who are sophomores or juniors in high school should start now. For younger students in particular, we recommend “group” college visits. This way a student can learn about a number of schools at one time.

Go to as many information sessions as you can!

Exploring College Options is one upcoming event. It is hosted by five of the country’s leading universities: Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford. Many events are happening in May. More details are provided on the Exploring College Options website.

U Penn, MIT, Princeton and Johns Hopkins will be visiting Miami May 18

Princeton, Dartmouth, Northwestern, U.C., Berkeley and Vanderbilt have some upcoming Group travel dates

This has been another great update from International College Counselors.

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