Check Out These Top College Scholarship Resources

Don’t wait until your last semester of high school to begin applying for scholarships.  Scholarships are available year round for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in high school.  In fact, many scholarships are specific to your grade level.  Don’t miss out on a scholarship you can obtain as a Sophomore just because you think you have to be well on your way to college to receive a college scholarship.

By increasing your SAT or ACT score to being in the 90th percentile or greater, students open doors to 70% more college scholarship opportunities.  Wow!  Do you need to increase your SAT or ACT score?  SAT Preparation Group averages as 323.5 point increase with their SAT students.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to increase your SAT score today!  Click here for a Free Consultation.

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Useful College Scholarship Tips

  • Many colleges and universities offer scholarships provided through the school.  Be sure to check your college or university’s website for any scholarships they may have available (the will likely not be listed on a scholarship search engine as the scholarships are specific to the school.)
  • Many colleges and universities also offer departmental scholarships which are awarded to students who are majoring in something within the department.  Check the school’s website or speak with an enrollment adviser to find out more about these scholarships and when you can start applying!
  • Don’t forget Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  You may be eligible for student aid through the government depending on your circumstances.  When applying through Financial Aid, you can specify opportunities for grants and work study only and avoid getting student loans.  You don’t always have to owe money to get money!  If you have questions about Financial Aid (scholarships, grants, loans, or work study) contact your university’s Financial Adviser.

Ready to apply for scholarships?  Check out these top Scholarship Resources

This site offers a database search of scholarships as well as many useful tips and tricks for writing a college application essay.  This site also provides a question and answer section for college and scholarship questions you may have.

This site offers a database search for scholarships as well.  After filling out a short application, the search engine compiles a list of scholarships tailored to the information you supply.  This site also contains other helpful college-related information.

We are good friends with College Xpress.  This website offers extensive scholarship searches based on interest as well as endless information on preparing for college.

These sites are more scholarship search engines for students of all ages and backgrounds.  Look for scholarships that will appeal to you, personally, based on your interests and demographics.

Check Out These Resources For Help With Writing & the College Application

This is a great resource to help students with essays!  Whether you are practicing essay writing for the SAT or preparing a scholarship essay, this resource offers tips on formatting essays and grammar.  This resource is also available to help with resumes and many other types of writing.

Common App is a service that allows you to upload/fill out your college application.  This application is used for many different colleges and universities around the United States.  If you are applying to multiple colleges and do not wish to fill out multiple forms, you may want to see if your selected colleges accept the Common Application to help streamline your college application process.

This is another great resource for help with writing!  Do you need a second set of eyes to review your college application essay or help you create your first resume?  This Community Writing Center is one of the first of its kind in the United States.  This writing center offers online coaching a half hour at a time on any type of writing you would like reviewed (unless it is homework, the writing center encourages students to utilize their teachers and their school’s writing coaches to help with all academic based writing).

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