Congratulations SAT Prep Class of 2013!

images-resized-600Congratulations Class of 2013!!! I want to personally congratulate this latest graduating members of the class of 2013.

After completing my college spreadsheet for this year’s class, I am very impressed with the outstanding results. So far, we have two students headed for Stanford, two going to Cornell, two on their way to UPenn, one on his way to Columbia, one going to Johns Hopkins, one maltriculating to Cal Polytechnic Institute, one heading to NYU, and many more impressive entries of college dominance. Here’s the complete list:


Zoe H           +470 points          University of Virginia

Mackenzie   +340 points          Florida State

Olivia O       +280 points          Florida State

Ashley C      +300 points          University of Florida

Lauren C      +440 points          University of Florida

Ally G           +250 points          Florida Atlantic

Carissa J     +320 points          Green Mountain College

Amanda R    +550 points          NYU

Rachel S      +300 points          Washington University

Sean S         +380 points          Colgate

Austin K       +540 points          Boston College

Matt H        +240 points          Stanford

Dalton J      +340 points          University of Wisconsin

Lindsay G    +480 points          University of Florida

Isabella L    +420 points          Scripps

Fernando C  +520 points          Cornell

Isabella U   +350 points          UPenn

Lyndsey H   +100 points          University of Michigan

Josh S        +450 points          Duke

Kyle K          +220 points          Central Florida

Christina R  +430 points          University of Miami

Sahir F        +380 points          Emory

Virginia P     +300 points          Holy Cross

Carli M         +450 points          University of Florida

Andrew W   +360 points          Gulf Coast

Ryan S         +370 points          Indiana University

Rachel P      +460 points          Florida State

Taylor M     +260 points          Indiana University

Matthew B  +310 points          University of Florida

Christoria C +340 points         University of Miami

Hailey T        +320 points         Michigan State

Gaby C          +140 points         Florida State

Kristen H      +240 points         Boston University

Joe N           +290 points         Villanova

Mary Pat N   +420 points         Villanova

Alexander B  +300 points         Johns Hopkins

Nicole T        +510 points         Florida State

Robbie K        +200 points         Stanford

Andrew D      +280 points         University of Florida

Megan M       +560 points         American University

Caroline F     +560 points         Boston College

Nicole Z        +410 points         University of Florida

Shawna B      +310 points         University of Florida

Kelsey R        +400 points         Fordham

Ariana G        +360 points         University of Virginia

Alexis F         +550 points         University of Miami

Ausar A         +460 points         Florida State

Brittany F     +330 points         Central Florida

Sean F           +390 points         University of Florida Honors

Ali D              +210 points         University of Florida

Bruno M        +570 points         Emerson College

Nicole C        +320 points         University of Miami

Branden G     +240 points         Stetson

Gaby M         +460 points         University of Denver

Taylor N       +400 points         University of Maryland

Brandon M    +320 points         Columbia University

Jessica A     +310 points         Brandeis

Jessica H     +270 points         TCU

Zack G          +210 points         University of Florida

Ally F           +300 points         Davidson

Eryn H         +240 points         UPenn

David E        +310 points         Florida State

Corey S       +250 points         University of Florida

Will W        +330 points         Cal Polytechnic Institute

Jordan J      +210 points         University of Florida

Jackie L      +290 points         University of Miami

Cole B          +340 points         University of Arizona

Jack Henry K +110 points         Cornell

Cailin G         +240 points         Florida State

Zoe Z          +270 points         Michigan State

Austin F      +270 points         University of Florida


Bon Voyage in your new adventures!


Steve K.


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