Congratulations To Our 2013-2014 Graduates

Every point matters!  Our 2013-2014 graduates prove raising your SAT score will help lead you to that college acceptance letter you’ve been dreaming of.  Attend Harvard, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Tufts, or UPenn!  These are just some of the amazing Universities that our Class of 2014 has been accepted to.

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Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Graduates!

Matt G     +860     Tulane
Allie G     +740     Vanderbilt
Jake A     +600     FSU
Robyn R   +590     Wisconsin
Brooke A  +580     FSU
Julia H      +570     UF
Sean S     +560     FSU
Janine S   +550     UCF
Max N      +540     UPenn
Alison H   +540     UF
Catherine G +520  Miami
Malen N    +510    Johns Hopkins
Jessica S  +510    FSU
Celina P   +510    Miami
Gabi F      +500   Indiana
Stephen L +500   Miami
Mark M     +480   UF
Caleb L    +460   Univ of Chicago
Maya L     +430   Tufts
Jenny M    +430   Michigan
Tess S      +420   Harvard
Sam M     +420    Georgetown
Chris C    +410    FAU
Ateev S    +410   FIU
Alex W     +400   Michigan
Alec V      +380   Emory
Shaun S   +380   UCF
Jennifer D +380  Virginia
Andrew S  +380  FSU
Ashley P   +370  UF Honors
Ashleigh B  +370  UF
Jesse G      +370  Michigan
Anne M      +360  Babson
Zack S      +350   Amherst
Zack S      +350  Emory
Delaney K  +350  UF
Derek L     +330  UNF Honors
Lukas K     +330  Indiana
Drew S      +320  UF
Zack V       +310 Syracuse
Casey M     +290 BU
Caroline H  +280  Georgia
Savannah D  +260  Rice
Kyle B        +250   UF
Ashley T    +240   BU
Brianna D  +240  Delaware
Conner Y   +220  Columbia
Danny C    +220  Davidson
Brandon R  +220  FSU
Matt N        +220  FSU
Erik W        +200  Dartmouth
Lynny W     +180  Vanderbilt
Anna S       +150  UF

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