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Established in 1961, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) serves over 30,000 students a year in its twelve campuses located in the areas of southern Florida.  Many local high school students who prefer to stay close to home choose to attend FAU; however the university also attracts a large number of foreign students as well.  With its growing popularity in recent years, FAU has formally raised admissions standards, making it more competitive to gain entrance into the school.

When applying to any college you can expect some of the same elements across the board.  In order for your admissions packet to stand out from all the others, you would have had to work hard during high school, taken the appropriate classes, participated in extracurricular activities and leadership roles, and have proven yourself on the ACT exam.  Because a lot rides on obtaining a standout score on this exam, working with a dedicated ACT private tutor could provide you with just enough edge to make your score leave the right impression to get FAU admissions.


The FAU Admissions Application

In particular for FAU, the admissions package includes:

  •   The application:  Here is where you provide basic information about you and your family which includes your GPA, extracurricular activities, and awards and recognitions.  The paper application can be found at  FAU also offers online admissions applications, if you are not partial to the paper version.
  •   The fee:  FAU requires a $30 non-refundable fee with your admissions application.
  •   An official transcript: This sealed record should be sent directly to Florida Atlantic University from the high school(s) you attended. You can send it yourself if the envelope has not been opened.
  •   Interviews, letters from references, essays:  FAU does not require an interview, references, or essays for admissions; however a writing sample and a resume are required as part of the supplemental application for consideration into specific programs.
  •   Official ACT or SAT score:  When you take these tests, you can request that a score report be sent to FAU.  As a rule of thumb, give yourself plenty of time for your scores to be processed and sent.

As you have probably noted, a lot of dedication during your high school years is necessary in order to gain admissions to FAU, and this work will be showcased well in your application and grades on your official transcript.   However, if you get a mediocre score on your ACT exam, even if you have been a stellar student, it will not get you into FAU.  For this reason, working with an ACT private tutor could be the final element to your college dream.


Advantages Of An ACT Private Tutor

SAT Preparation Group offers many options for ACT exam readiness.  By far, learning strategies to achieve an ACT high score is best done with one of our private tutors. In this way, instruction is tailored to the particular needs of the individual student, and allows for amplification of test taking strengths and better addresses areas that require attention.

Furthermore, once you choose to work with an ACT private tutor, you should automatically know that convenience is part of the package.  We can arrange for the tutor to hold the preparation sessions in the comfort of your home.  Another option is to select classes to be held online, which also provides flexibility and ease for your scheduling needs.

All of our private ACT tutors are highly qualified individuals who have a number of years’ experience.  Their diverse backgrounds offer a wide selection of traits which can match well with any kind of learner.  The formation of a good teacher – student partnership is an important first step in reaching your ACT score goal.

Finally, teaching customization when formulated to only one student, as with having a private tutor, means that distractions are minimal and time is used efficiently.  We all know the burdens that can come with trying to learn in a group.  Often, there are some individuals for any given reason that will be left behind and this scenario is something we can guarantee will never happen to you when working with one of our private tutors.

Through the years, our staff at SAT Preparation Group has worked with a number of students and we have seen them reach their test score goals.  In fact, we have kept diligent records of their improvements, final scores, and ultimate acceptance into their choice college or university.  You can view many of these details right on our website which also features testimonials from our former students.

We are proud of their success which equates to ours as well and confirms that our test preparation methods work.  Reach out to us at your convenience to take advantage of a free consultation to find out more!

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