Where To Find SAT Tutors In South Florida

SAT Tutors In South Florida

Nearly anyone wanting to enter college knows the high regard admissions officers place on your SAT score.  According to the College Board, the professionals who put the exam together, your SAT score can be considered one of the prime indicators of your success as a college student.  Therefore, taking the exam lightly is not a wise attitude, especially if you do have your mind set on attending a specific college.

For these reasons, many individuals begin their prepping for test taking strategies far in advance of test day.  Because of the importance and emphasis placed on the SAT exam, one of the best choices you could make is to begin this journey with SAT Preparation Group.  We have SAT tutors in South Florida who are accessible, easy to understand, and up-to-date with all the latest trends that come out and surround this exam.

Having been in the shoes of these high school students and working for so long with them and their families, we know exactly what the SAT entails.  This knowledge, in turn, can be explained to you so that you are not only well prepared and armed with the best test taking strategies, but also you will know exactly what to expect on the day of the test.  When the time comes, the format and timing of the SAT will be second nature to you.


Advantages of SAT Tutoring

Since tutoring sessions are one-on-one, our specialized coaches tailor each one towards the particular learner.   We find out the areas of concern and make sure to address them through agendas and goal targets.  Because tutoring only involves you and the coach, there is no need to spend too much time on elements that you already know and are comfortable with.

Some general learning that you can expect:

  •      Exposure to the material: The only way to learn and get used to the SAT exam and questions is to have more and more exposure to it.  Therefore, during our tutoring sessions you can be assured that assignments and meetings will be designed to get familiar with the SAT format, the way questions are asked, and how to get to the correct answer.
  •      Sharpen critical reasoning:  The ability to read, digest, and come to the correct judgment on the particular material studied is something that many do not have intuitively.  Our coaches can train you to develop and use this tool in order to get you through the reading and writing sections of the SAT.
  • Understand math concepts and principles:  Our coaches have researched the math topics that reoccur on the SAT and have kept track of how they are posed in questions.  You will have access to this knowledge, and with math concepts and principles that are most likely to be seen on exam day.
  •      Writing expression:  At 33%, the SAT essay is a critical component of your overall score.  Your coach will provide you with the necessary elements needed in order to formulate a dynamite essay.  Among them will be the steps for logical expression, editing techniques, and logical coherence among ideas and sentences.
  •      Time Management:  Without time management, you actually have a disaster in the making when it comes to the SAT.  Your coach will help you identify what material you have a clear grasp with and what you struggle with.  Understanding what slows you down and what you can answer quickly will allow you to maximize the correct answers on the exam.
  •      Future academic success:  Learning SAT techniques in order to ace the exam on test day will also give you benefits for current and future academic success.  Namely, commitment to good study habits, setting academic goals and reaching them, and managing between time and resources are all great tools to use when tackling school work.


Our Coaches And Their Approach

At SAT Preparation Group our committed coaches have formulated the best method for you to get the most out of each of your tutoring sessions.  First, because of the fact that you and your coach will be working so closely together, you can be certain that the approach will be tailored for your needs.  Each session will begin with a reiteration of what can be expected to be learned during the time together.

Next, engagement of the topic and checks for understanding will be implemented.  Various teaching techniques will be implemented until the topic can be grasped.  Homework and reading will be assigned to encourage and hone the information for easy access in the future.

Our SAT tutors in South Florida have proven their abilities over and over again as more of our students have gone on to enter their dream colleges. If you have decided to take the SAT, consider one-on-one tutoring from us.

Useful Resources

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