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The SAT is a vital test that can define the success of how colleges and Universities perceive your education. High school is a time to grow and prepare for college, and the SAT is the next step to continue getting into the best college. However, this test is oftentimes feared upon because of the value of the score.

This is why hiring a tutor or more preferably a private in-home SAT Coach is the best decision. In South Florida, there are a multitude of SAT Tutors and private Coaches who are capable of helping students like you get your best possible grade. Students tutored by SAT Prep Group improved an average of 341.9 points last school year on the SAT.

SAT Prep Group Has The Best SAT Tutors South Florida  

SAT Prep Group is a professional company who provides world-class SAT tutoring. Having the best SAT tutors South Florida, they help students in a multitude of areas, especially critical thinking, peak performance, test strategy, study skills, memorization, reading efficiency, vocabulary.

Let their multitude of tutors help you to be prepared for the SAT test. SAT Prep Group strives to help students approach the test with confidence, and they have tutors who can help add necessary positivity to the process.

Professionally Trained and Well-Educated SAT Tutors South Florida  

Each tutor on the SATPG team has received a Bachelor’s, Masters and/or Ph. D., and has contributed greatly to the 341.9 average student score increase in teaching the methodology of attacking the SAT test.

Trained personally by Steve Kirshenbaum, CEO and Founder of SAT Preparation Group, each tutor offers his or her own personal touch in implementing the training while not sacrificing the core program.

Online or In-Home Tutoring  

Convenient in-home or online SAT prep is what our tutors specialize in. Having tutors who have your time constraints in mind, we will gladly have them come to your home and help you study for the test more effectively and efficiently. If that is not possible, SATPG provides clients’ with equally effective online live tutoring.

Our team strives to give students’ effective training regardless of where or how the tutoring is being done. The tutors have a simple and highly effective system to follow, much like learning football, basketball, dance, or lacrosse. We train students to be consistently focused, so that during the test they maintain a higher probability of achieving correct answers.

Proven Results

Students are taught utilizing a super-simplistic approach. Our tutors make certain that students understand the material thoroughly. Our top 25% students have consistently achieved an average score increase of over 530 points.

It is very difficult to generate higher scores when the material itself is extremely difficult to understand, but SAT Prep Group makes it easy for students to comprehend. Results are virtually guaranteed for almost every student who is willing to put in the effort.
What students learn:

  • Students learn critical thinking skills that can be used to help them make better decisions during the test as well as being a boost to in college and beyond…
  • Students receive super-simple materials to follow for all subjects and categories and all coaches make certain that test-takers clearly understand every aspect. Achieving consistency and near perfection is the goal of all coaches without putting any excessive pressure on the student.
  • Students also receive moral and positive support from their coaches. This way, they are prepared mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

The SAT Prep Group strives to give high school students the finest opportunity to effectively prepare for this difficult test. A free and convenient in-home or online consultation is always provided, which makes it easy on you as a student to feel more comfortable and confident before you get started with the absolutely finest SAT tutors in South Florida.


SAT Preparation Group advises in test prep, college planning, and success strategies for teens. Call Us Today at 877-672-8773 or click here for a free consultation.

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