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Many high school students who know they are college bound often ask themselves, “What SAT score should I work towards getting?”  The answer really lies in how selective the college or university is that you plan on applying to.  This fact can seem a bit frustrating since it does not give you a straight answer, but what is rather obvious is that a higher score always beats a lower one.

Our experience at SAT Preparation Group shows that there is a bigger picture that colleges and universities look for when reviewing applicants for admissions to their institute.  However, it is important to note that shooting for a higher SAT score can only help you.  By choosing to work with an SAT private tutor in Boca Raton, you can be provided that extra edge, through an outstanding SAT score, to get your admissions application noticed.

The highest score you can achieve on the SAT is a 2400, which is a combination of three parts:  reading, writing, and mathematics.  Each of these sections is worth 800 points and the average score for each area is roughly 500, making the average total score about 1500, which roughly 50% of test takers fall into.  For the most part, studies show that 25% of test takers fall below the middle and 25% fall above it.


SAT Score:  A Part of the Complete Package

Ultimately, your SAT score is certainly not an end in itself.  There are other factors that an admissions officer looks for and expects to find and some of these include:

  • A challenging high school curriculum, which should include college prep English, writing, and mathematics
  • Solid grades because these translate into a student’s maximum efforts
  • Letters of recommendations to display good character traits
  • Involvement in activities such as music, sports, or the arts
  • Leadership roles in areas which the student is passionate about
  • Community or volunteer service which shows a compassion towards others
  • Employment and/or summer programs which exhibit resourceful use of free time
  • The application essay which provides an opportunity to bring out your creativity, goals, and personality

Besides these above essentials for an admissions application packet, you should set as a goal a solid SAT score as well, which adequately comes in line with your high school performance.  Namely, if you have all the above in place, but have a less than stellar SAT score, you can count on this fact as a hindrance to entrance into your chosen university.


Benefits of Tutoring

Knowing that the SAT is an important component to ensure all your options are open to you for universities as well as beyond is a good place to start.  You may have a great foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics through your efforts in high school, but rarely is that enough to give you the advantage to doing well on the SAT come exam day.  Here is where a private tutor can help navigate you to a top score and there is no shortage of reasons on how and why.

First, a private tutor can provide greater emphasis on areas that are challenging for you.  Because there is no one else that the tutor needs to accommodate to, classes will be conducted with strictly you in mind.  The only way to get to more advanced points would be to get through the ones that are posing struggles.

In addition, the convenience of having your tutor come to your home allows you to work in a relaxed setting in your own element and with no distractions.  Further, it also saves a lot of time and is great for the environment, especially in the long run, because you do not have to commute anywhere.  Instead the tutor comes to your place.

Another reason is stylistic compatibility.  Rarely do you get lucky enough to have a classroom teacher that can match so well with a learner; however, with a tutor that is certain to happen.  Our tutors are flexible in teaching approach and have the experience and character traits to explain techniques to any kind of learner.


Our Commitment in Helping You Stand Out

Because your performance is a direct reflection of our staff’s effectiveness at SAT Preparation Group, it is easy to understand that we are fully committed to having you ace the SAT.  Our SAT private tutors in Boca Raton are the best you can work with for test preparation and can provide an abundance of other study strategies that can extend beyond SAT test day.

You have worked hard during your entire high school years; therefore, you should make sure your SAT score mirrors that same effort you have put into your schoolwork.  A private in home tutor can help you achieve that outcome.

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