International ACT Private Tutor

ACT Private Tutor

As everyone knows, the ACT exam is designed to gauge college readiness.  Among the items in a college applicant’s package, the ACT can be considered as probably the most important one.  Each year close to two million high school students take this exam.

Among these test takers are a certain percentage that happen to be international students. This fact is unsurprising as the ACT is accepted by all universities in the United States; therefore any student looking to attend a higher education institute will need to include either the ACT or SAT test score with his/her admissions application.

Luckily, even students who are living abroad can benefit from a preparatory class given by instructors in the United States.  SAT Preparation Group offers courses with an ACT private tutor via online means which are effective and can bring you to a worthwhile score to have you outshine all the other applicants competing for the spot.  For international students especially, who have not attended high school in the United States, an impressive ACT score says a whole lot.


ACT’s Rising Popularity

When contemplating a necessary college exam for entrance to a university, most people will quickly name the SAT instead of the ACT; but times are changing.  In recent years, the number of students taking both of these exams is nearly the same.  No one can really pinpoint the reason, but researchers seem to think that there is a wide pool of individuals wishing to impress admissions officers with top scores in both exams.

Along with that assumption, there are some highlights which are worth mentioning:

  • The ACT is a knowledge-based
  • The writing section is optional
  • The ACT does not penalize students for guessing
  • The ACT allows students to choose which score to send to universities
  • There is a science section
  • The math section tests high level knowledge in that area

Any of these facts could also contribute to the growing partiality towards this exam versus the SAT.


Gaining An Advantage With A Private Tutor

It has long been established that working with a private tutor can reap a test taker numerous rewards on the day of the exam and even beyond.  With the help of the Internet, now even international students looking to gain admissions at a university in the United States can utilize the best tutoring services for ACT preparations.  Prep tutors can offer international students:

  • Easy availability and scheduling that adheres to the individual student’s schedule
  • Convenience of not having to leave the comforts of your home
  • Accessibility to information, methods, and techniques from the United States that cater specifically to preparation for the ACT
  • Easy identification of strengths and weaknesses in order to efficiently get you to necessary materials for the best impact
  • Use of and learning through technology which is a natural learning environment for students in this day and age
  • Tailor made sessions that are completely geared to your learning method and particular goals
  • Value as learning via the computer eliminates other opportunity and economic costs that could significantly increase your overall bill

These distinct advantages have more and more international students giving the ACT exam a shot.  As skepticism wanes about the effectiveness of online tutoring, students are finding that there are dedicated, reliable, and competent prep tutors who can give them the edge for acceptance into their dream university.


SAT Preparation Group’s Online Program

You have always been reminded that you can reach your dreams through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.  Achieving success on a test like the ACT, however, may not be feasible to go about on your own, no matter how committed you may be.  Given the competitive nature of entering into the top universities, this fact is undoubtedly without dispute.

SAT Preparation Group has helped hundreds of high school students excel in their test taking abilities.  We offer a variety of courses to suit nearly any learner including, group sessions, semi-private classes, in-home tutors, and for international students:  a private tutor via the Internet.  All of our courses are highly valuable because they are tailor-made and geared towards individual students and the way they best learn.

We invite you to get in touch with us so that we can explain our method and show you our testimonials.  We keep thorough records of all our past students and can provide you with proven results.  We look forward to working with you and adding your ACT score to our stellar reports.

There is no reason to leave the outcome of the ACT exam to chance.  SAT Preparation Group can not only provide you the tools to get you into your choice university, but also provide you the means to good study habits, dedication, and determination.

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