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college-board-sat-scoresSeveral students contact us via the SAT Prep Group website or our various social media pages to ask us about registering for the SAT.  Some schools will walk you through registration the first time you take the SAT, but how do you register for a different date and on your own time?  Perhaps a student wants to retake the SAT for a higher score or perhaps a student wants to try testing the SAT waters prior to their Junior year.  Either way, we are here to help!

When To Take the SAT

While most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school, statistically 50% or more of all students decide to take the SAT a second time before applying for the college(s) of their choice.  Most often students will take the SAT during the spring in their junior year and during the fall their senior year.  However, SAT registration does fill up.  Students may want to consider when to register and what time of the year will be best for them.  To learn more about what time of year will be best for you to take the SAT, visit our SAT FAQs blog: Best Times to Take the SAT or ACT.

Once you’ve decided what time of year would be the best for you to take the SAT (note: the SAT is not given during the summer), you can look into registering for the test.

Register Online

The quickest and easiest way to register for the SAT is online.  Online SAT registeration is easy.  When you register online you will be able to choose your test date and test center in real time based on availability, receive immediate registration confirmation once you’ve completed the application and gain 24 hour access to your registration information incase you need to print or correct your Admissions Ticket.  Additionally, when you register online you can say “Yes” to Student Search Service.

The Student Search Service helps colleges find you before you even apply.  When you say “yes” to the Student Search Service, the College Board will automatically send some of your information to colleges, giving them the opportunity to reach out to you based on your SAT score.

To find what dates are currently available for registration and view registration deadlines, visit: sat.collegeboard.org/register.  On this page you can also find additional information on the Student Search Service

Register by Mail

Students who choose to or students who are 13 years old and younger can register by mail.  To register by mail students and their parents will need to pay by check or money order (payable to “The College Board”) for their SAT test fee.

Registration by mail is also required if the student prefers to take the SAT on a Sunday due to a religious observance; the student or parent is requesting that a testing center be opened closer to their home; the student cannot upload a digital photo with their online registeration; the student is requesting to take the SAT in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, or Togo, or if the student is required to use an official SAT represenatitve to register (such as in Kenya).

To register by mail the student will need to request The Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests which is available from their school counselor.  This guide includes a registration form as well as a return envelope for the registration information.

When filling out the form, the student will need a College Board code number for college majors, college and scholarship programs, test centers or high schools.  To find your numbers, use the Code Search tool located here.  Note: All home-schooled students should enter the code: 970000.

Photo I.D.

Every student must submit a valid photo with their registration for the SAT.  This photo will become part of your Admission Ticket.  To learn more about photo requirements click here.

Leave us a comment and let us know, when do you plan to take the SAT?

Students who have registered should already be well on their way to preparing for taking the SAT.  For more information on our individual SAT courses and group SAT courses, request a FREE Consultation.  Meanwhile, get started with your SAT studies by requesting our FREE Diagnostics Test below and receive a free evaluation of your SAT skills upon receiving your score.

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