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online_educationFor students who may have tried some online courses now available to them through their high schools, it may be easier to understand why a life coach and tutoring combination such as SAT Preparation Group offer exactly what a student will need to survive collegeAttending school online takes DISCIPLINE. A student must be organized and able to teach themselves the necessary information from a rather large (and in some cases several large) textbook.  The student will only have the chance to rely on the professor to grade assignments and offer occasional feedback when taking an online course rather than seeing the professor face-to-face several times per week in the classroom.

College today can come as a shock to students who are used to being helped through high school with attentive teachers and parents.  However, with online education becoming a growing factor in today’s society students are finding themselves less and less “spoon fed” by their professors for relevant information they will be tested on.  Instead, professors at each level of college raise their expectations of a student’s ability to learn for themselves.  This is where the SAT and ACT tests become even more relevant in proving a student’s ability to do well in their first year of college!

A student needs a vast vocabulary, an understanding of basic math skills, and a solid ability to write a good, college-level paper.  These skills are expected right up front as a Freshman in college.  In an online education, student’s don’t have a teacher who will walk around a classroom and give them individualized attention like they are used to.  Although there are many digital resources and the teacher is available for questions, a student needs to be prepared to research and study on their own.  Students need to understand how to teach themselves, how to study without a given list of test terms, and how to take good care of themselves to have an effective first year college experience.  Believing first and foremost in a student’s success, SAT Preparation Group focuses on teaching life skills to help carry a student through college and beyond just the SAT!

SAT Preparation Group focuses on more than just reviewing answers and memorizing vocabulary.  SAT Prep Group talks about a student’s health – what they are eating, how they are sleeping, and their level of physical activity and SAT Prep Group teaches each student study skills that will carry them beyond the SAT in well into their college years.  We want to help each student reach their full potential in overall college and life prepardness!

Now for the facts:  The largest school system in the United States has begun offering credit for online courses.  Additionally, a major university began awarding degrees without any class time required and scores of public universities are moving their courses online.  Online education’s desire to become mainstream is no longer in question.  For over a decade both universities and employeers resisted giving much attention to online courses.  But today, we stand in a very different place.

MIT now offers Open CourseWare which started with 50 free online courses as a proof-of-concept for effective online education.  This project has already grown to over 1,700 courses in three years with 125 million visitors in it’s lifetime.

American Counsil on Education who operates with over 1,800 accredited universities has announced it will be piloting cheap online science courses at three more universities including Duke and the University of Pennsylvania.

Universities such as the University of Wisconsin are offering entire degrees online from start to finish.

With online education growing at a rate that will push this mode of learning into the norm, students need to prepare themselves today.  The SAT and ACT are more than just a test of knowledge, but a test of skill.  What are your college-level skills?  Are you ready?

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