Letter from Steve K #1

Happy Monday SATPG Students and Parents!

Putting Your Education and SAT/ACT Prep in Perspective…


Could it be that there is an elephant in the “room” of education so large that it is hardly even noticeable any more? I’m talking about world readiness here. Is memorizing a bunch of (sometimes wildly inaccurate) facts the key to a successful future or is there something missing?

Most of the stuff that is learned in high school these days is tossed out the window when a student enters the “real world” of business and commerce. Mastering basic math and language will always be a cornerstone of education. More practical skills, however, are usually learned on the fly around age 22+ when our kids finally get out of the school system. Skills like:

  • communications
  • functional thought processes
  • money management
  • nutrition
  • gardening, physical fitness
  • critical thinking
  • entrepreneurship
  • time and priority management
  • relationship skills
  • parenting
  • service to others
  • resume writing
  • interviewing protocols
  • public speaking
  • sales abilities
  • customer service
  • product knowledge
  • marketing
  • creative writing
  • ethics
  • appreciation of the natural world
  • functional/sustainable economics

It seems like the gist of education these days, both public and private, is to see who can jump through the hoops the best to then ultimately be deemed worthy by administrators and eventually bosses. Is this really what we want for our children? Or do we want functional adults who will successfully follow their true passions?

What if these critical elements, outlined above, were added to the education equation right now in order to create a sustainable planet for all of us going forward? What if our children were taught to visualize, create, and ultimately live their purpose starting at a young age? It’s something to think about.

Steve Mag Photo (1)I’d like to introduce you to Logan Laplante, a 13 year-old home-schooled young man who can teach us all a lesson about what successful learning looks and feels like:

I encourage you all to share these and other ideas with your school administrators, teachers, and counselors in order to create more functional educational programs that lead to brighter futures for all earthly inhabitants. Nobody is going to do this for us. We have to step up to our respective plates’ and begin having these types of conversations. If not us, then who?

Enjoy your week!



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