Maximize SAT Preparation with THIS Summer Study Plan

sat-resized-600As I interact with students I find that many students have already signed up to take the SAT in October.  Although going back to school and the changing leaves of fall still seem far away, the October SAT is really just a matter of a few weeks.  July is already upon us and before you know it… August… September… and then the SAT.  What seems to be so far away from today is only a few weeks of prep time and absolutely no time for procrastination.  For students planning to take the October SAT, summer offers the perfect opportunity for a slow and steady approach to SAT preparation without the distraction of homework assignments, sports, and other extra curricular activities that we often have throughout the school year.  Summer gives us so much more time to be with our friends and still have time to study.

Make the most of your summer months with this 12 week SAT study guide and for extra study help check out our 10 free tips & tools for Summer SAT study.

1.  Organize a study plan.  Give yourself a 12 week summer study plan that allows you, as the student, to retain a lot of material.  Tailor the plan to your strengths and challenges with SAT topics.  The best way to assess the focus of a study plan is to first take a practice exam.  Utilize the practice exams from as well as SAT Preparation Group’s official SAT Diagnostics Tests.


Prior to the 4th of July, give yourself a timed practice test in a proper test environment.  Student should score their exam using three colors to identify areas where their experience is low, middle, and high levels of difficulty.  Use these three areas to focus on strengths and weaknesses to study.

2.  Create a study calendar and carry each step out over the next five weeks of studying.

Three days per week, take a partial, timed exam focusing on your most challenging sections (one color you use to grade your tests).

Two days per week, practice untimed questions in your midlevel areas (another color you use to grade your tests).


Practice your strong areas for 30-60 minutes a day in fun ways (the third color you use to grade your tests).

Over the course of five weeks, use the colors from the previous timed exam to note which types of questions shifted from high to medium to low levels of difficulty each time you go to regrade a Diagnostics Test from SAT Preparation Group or grade a new test from

3.  Take SAT studying with you on summer adventures.  SAT prep is portable and can be fun.  Preparation isn’t all just about doing math, studying vocabulary, and perfecting your writing.  Focus on your critical thinking skills and when on vacation with family take a sodoku puzzle or do a crossword puzzle that will challenge your critical thinking.  Stepping outside the SAT format will help engage your mind and help you to refocus.  Switch up how you study with some flashcards.  Download some fun apps for your smart-device to help you engage in studying such as Evernote’s Peek.  Last but never least, don’t forget to do some reading over the summer as well!

4.  Be ready for the big day!  By week six, you should take a second big timed exam and requested a second Diagnostics Test and official evaluation from SAT Preparation Group.  Note how much of the exam you were able to finish before your time expired.  Score the exam.  Also, finish all of the questions even if you are out of time.  You want to make sure to use the questions for studying and not just for timing.

5.  Adjust your study calendar and spend less time practicing items that have become easy for you.

From weeks seven to ten, practice two sections per week under timed, test-like conditions in areas that are challenging for you.  Once per week, practice midlevel areas and one untimed practice session in low-challenge areas.  Once per week you will want to take time to practice an entire timed essay section each week, even if the essay seems easy for you.

By August, consider signing up for professional SAT tutoring for any part of the SAT that is still troubling you.

Here at SAT Preparation Group we offer a variety of group and individual courses online and in-home throughout the world.  If only one section of the SAT is bothering you, we can offer an intense, one-on-one review of just one subject to help you increase your confidence and knowledge of just that subject.  View our varying SAT courses here and more details on individual SAT preparation and group SAT preparation.  For students and parents who have more questions, we encourage you to reach out for a free, no obligation consultation so that we may know how to better serve you.

Do you feel this SAT study guide will be helpful for you?  What else do you need? Let us know in the blog comments!

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