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ACT Private Tutor

The ACT test measures college readiness in English, reading, writing, math, and science.  Most colleges and universities across the United States place equal importance on it as the SAT exam, and for the most part will accept either test in an applicant’s admission packet.  Preparing for exam day is a process that most students are not comfortable tackling alone, and we would never recommend that.

To start, the recommendation is that students begin their preparation by ensuring they have taken the appropriate high school classes which include:

  • Four years of English
  • Three years of mathematics
  • Three years of natural/social sciences

If you have taken or are in the process of taking these above classes, you may rest assured that you are only minimally prepared.  One of the best courses of actions to fully prepare for the exam is with the expertise of an online ACT private tutor.

SAT Preparation Group has an outstanding record of familiarizing students with the ACT and acclimating them on what to expect on test day.  Besides gaining the required knowledge for answering correctly, our coaches are experienced with utilizing prep games and practice tests as well as prep books in order to provide you with the best prep class for reaching a top ACT score.


Online Preparation With A Private Tutor

Having worked with a range of diverse high school students, we have concluded that due to a variety of reasons no two learners are the same.  For this reason SAT Preparation Group offers courses to suit you in manner of teaching as well as number of sessions.  Our website provides intricate details and we invite you to contact us for a free consultation where we can answer your questions and show you our results firsthand.

Among our most popular preparation courses for tackling the ACT exam is with an online private tutor.  There are many reasons this method of execution is so sought after.  Some of them include:

  • World-wide access:  You no longer need to be living within a certain radius of our office.  You can actually reside overseas and still have great and expedient access to one of our coaches to guide you through essential techniques needed for success on the ACT.
  • Convenience:  There is no better way to study and prep for an exam then in the comfort of your home.  In this way you neither have to waste time traveling nor have to rearrange other obligations as the time and day scheduling is completely up to you.  There is no other prep course which will allow this kind of convenience and flexibility.
  • Effectiveness:  Because you will be matched with a coach that can best target your unique study method, strengths, and weaknesses, you can rest assured that there will be no time wasted on getting you to that stellar ACT score you desire.  In addition, since your tutor will only be catering to you during these sessions, the approach effectiveness will undoubtedly prove to contribute to your success.
  • Perfect element:  You are probably a typical high school student who can navigate well on the computer and any other digital device; therefore prepping for the ACT through an online method is probably right up your alley.  You will not only be saving the environment with choosing this method but also the interactive features and familiar element will make preparation that much more simple for you.


We Offer The Best Prep For You

Now that you have completed registration for the ACT, the next step is to contact SAT Preparation Group to get you on the most efficient and effective course and closer to that phenomenal score.  No college admission package is complete without a score that stands out among all the others.  That means you must plan in advance and pace yourself well in order to get it.

Our courses are designed to fit all kinds of learners and get them to their goals with minimal stress.  Of course, you will need to put in hard work and commitment, but you can rely on us to give you the proven strategies for ACT success.  We work with a number of local high schools and have a running record of all our former students.

Your success equals the SAT Preparation Group’s success.  Time and time again we have noticed that when students opt to work with an online ACT private tutor it turns out to be among the best prep methods to choose from.  You will be assured of flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, and familiarity as you become comfortable with the tools and strategies to take the exam.

Contact us today to find out more about how to get started.  We are available through the telephone or via email and look forward to working with you.

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