Personal Coaching for SAT & ACT Prep

Many students have the same plan – to take the PSAT or SAT, get a feel for what the test will be like, and then to study harder than he or she has ever studied before in order to raise their SAT or ACT score the second time they take the test.  For many students, this is not a half bad idea except that the majority of students score similar to their first score and often receive a worse score the second time they take the test.  Why?  Students can be overly confident in how they have studied and believe they see similar questions to the first time they take the test.  This means students tend to go through the test faster the second time – overlooking common SAT tricks that students in a hurry will surely fall for.

Many students, for different reasons, ask themselves…

Should I take the SAT / ACT again?

For students who are deciding whether or not to take the SAT or ACT again, scoring in the 90th percentile or greater on the SAT can lead to several scholarship opportunities and first-pick at the College or University of your choice.  Consider retaking the test until you have confidently reached the 90th or higher percentile range!

Parents and students who are serious about doing their absolute best on the SAT or ACT and putting their best foot forward for the college or university of their dreams should consider a personal SAT or ACT coach.  SAT Preparation Group coaches students worldwide with their popular online SAT and ACT courses.  Join us in our 8 to 12 week courses where we go over more than how to raise your SAT / ACT score.  At SAT Preparation Group, we believe you deserve the best.  Our SAT and ACT courses include important study, health, and life skills that will carry a student through their final years of high school and well into college.

Together, we will work to raise your SAT or ACT score helping each student to become eligible for as many scholarship opportunities as possible.  Take into consideration what opportunities you would have as a student who has been offered a scholarship or has been able to enter in at a college entry-level?  Receiving a scholarship or reducing the number of classes required for graduation are opportunities that can ensure a quick, cost-effective route through college.  Investing in education today can literally save you thousands in the near future.  So ask yourself, what is it worth to you?

Steve Kirshenbaum, SAT Preparation Group CEO explains the benefits of Personal SAT Coaching

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