PIE: The Secret Recipe for Sweet SAT Scores

All You Need is PIE

Almost every student is familiar with the test-induced butterflies cloud of wasps that invades their stomach during exams. How the heck is anyone supposed to squash this anxiety?! We have the perfect solution, because the good news is that it’s extremely avoidable. We want to let you in on our secret recipe for waving those test-wasps goodbye. PIE is the only weapon you’ll ever need against the SATs!

pie piThe PIE Method

Follow our PIE Method to prepare for the test and you’ll crush it (and those wasps)!

ractice: take a full-length practice test as often as you can, whether it’s once a week or once a month. Make it as real as possible by pretending you’re taking the actual test. You’ll build up your mental endurance!

nform yourself: if you don’t know the material, there’s not much you can do to ace the test. Brush up on your exponent skills, memorize some vocab words with their synonyms, and refresh your memory on plural vs singular verbs.

nergize: let’s face it, it can be ridiculously hard for anyone to stay focused during this 3hr+45minute-long test with our increasingly short attention spans. While it may seem counter-intuitive, skip the coffee to avoid the classic mid-morning crash. Another strategy every high school student can use is to eat peppermints to stay awake!

Test Prep in South Florida

At SAT Preparation Group, we understand that the SAT season can be a stressful time for you or your child. Our program is the perfect solution and offers personalized test prep, private tutor service, unlimited access to our online library resources, test strategy and practice tests. With these methods our students have increased their score by an average of 336 points! For a free in-home or online consultation, call (877)672-8773.

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