SAT & ACT Scores for Admissions to State Universities in Florida

child-going-to-college-5-things-you-must-know-to-make-a-smooth-transitionMany students already have in mind the college or university they hope to attend.  Students that already have a particular school in mind are eager to prepare for college and have an exact picture in their mind of what their initial college experience will be like.  Maybe the student is carrying on a family tradition and hoping to attend a university that his or her parents attended.  Maybe the student has gone on several campus tours and fell in love with a particular campus that stood above the rest.  Maybe the student has friends they want to attend college with.  Either way, preparing for college is an exciting time in a high school student’s life!  These students have nothing but hope and possibility ahead of them.  As many students prepare for these college applications, we thought it would be a great idea to share some admissions stats based on promising SAT scores.  With this key information, students can prepare themselves for a minimum SAT score based on the colleges and universities they plan to apply for. 

Did you know, SAT Preparation Group offers concierge, in-home SAT, SSAT, and ACT prep for students that live in Southern Florida.  To see a list of what cities and counties SAT Preparation Group offers in-home test prep for, please click here.  With that in mind, we wanted to share SAT & ACT admission stat information for State Universities located in Florida.

SAT Admission Stats for State Universities in Florida:

Florida SAT Scores (mid 50%)
Reading Math Writing
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Central Florida 530 630 560 650 510 610
Florida A&M Florida A&M has Open Admissions
Florida Atlantic 490 570 490 580 480 560
Florida Gulf Coast 470 550 470 550 450 540
Florida International 490 580 490 580 490 570
Florida State 550 650 560 640
New College of Florida 630 740 570 680 600 680
North Florida 530 620 530 620 500 590
South Florida 520 620 540 630 500 600
University of Florida 570 670 590 690
West Florida 470 580 470 570 460 550

ACT Admission Stats for State Universities in Florida:

Florida ACT Scores (mid 50%)
Composite English Math
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Central Florida 24 28
Florida A&M Florida A&M has Open Admissions
Florida Atlantic 21 25 20 25 20 25
Florida Gulf Coast 20 23 19 24 19 24
Florida International 21 25 21 25 20 25
Florida State 25 28
New College of Florida 27 31 28 34 24 30
North Florida 23 26 22 26 22 26
South Florida 23 27 22 28 23 27
University of Florida 24 30 25 31 25 30
West Florida 21 26 20 26 20 25

What These SAT & ACT Stats Mean To You

These two tables show SAT stats and ACT stats for State Universities within Florida.  These stats show scores for the 25th and 75th percentile of students accepted to these Universities.   What does that mean exactly?  As an example, West Florida lists 470 / 580 for their  Composite score.  The lower number is for the 25th percentile of students who are currently enrolled (this does not include students who have just applied to the university without attending) in the school.  That means that 25% of the school received an SAT Composite score of 470 or lower.  Likewise, for the upper number, 75% of enrolled students received a composite score of 580 or higher.  This also means that only 25% of students currently enrolled received a grade of 580 or more.

Where you want to be is in the top 25% (or the 75th percentile) of every score based on the universities you plan to apply to.

Let’s say as a student you scored a 580 composite, 540 math, and a 660 in writing.  You will find there isn’t any ONE school where you have scored in the top 25% across the board.  Knowing this, you may decide the top three schools out of this list you hope to apply to based on your current grades.  Remember, the lower scores are also students that have applied and been accepted to these schools so you don’t have to have a top grade to get in.  However, having a top grade certainly helps on college applications as well as scholarship applications.  A student that has scored a 580/540/660 may decide that he or she has done well enough on their composite score and writing score, but this student will need to raise their math score to reach a goal of being within the top 25% of these scores listed.

Understanding these numbers is important to students applying for college.  Consider all schools that are within reach of your final SAT or ACT score.  Find schools that you can be an exact match for.  Then consider schools that may be your safety net if all else fails.  If you score below the 25th percentile numbers, consider this school a reach.  Again, take note that this does not mean you will not get in to the school you hope for.  Don’t forget the all of these students who have made these SAT and ACT scores do currently attend these schools.

As students plan for their college applications, each student should be aware that their SAT or ACT scores are just ONE part of the application.  While many schools weigh on SAT or ACT scores heavily, high school GPA is also a major factor in college acceptance.  A student must have an overall strong academic record, the perfect college application essay, and a high school resume that exemplifies meaningful extracurricular activities in addition to a variety of good letters of recommendation. 

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*SAT & ACT percentile data is from the National Center for Educational Statistics

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