SAT Prep FAQs: How to Prepare for the SAT

You know it’s never too soon to start preparing for the SAT or ACT! SAT Preparation Group suggests giving yourself a minimum of two months to prepare.  I advise students to read every day and start a vocabulary journal months or years prior to beginning SAT or ACT prep because the most difficult area to prepare for is Critical Reading.

The college board has employed thousands or random words and synonyms through out the years.  So, the more vocabulary you know, the better you will score.  (Become a fan of our Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr page for daily vocabulary).  It is very difficult to make up for years of neglect in vocabulary and reading 2 months prior to the first SAT or ACT.  So get started early on this.

I encourage students to read material that they enjoy most.  Whether it is sports, blogs, magazines, or particular genres.  The first step is to get a student into the habit of consistency.  I also suggest get some kind of ebook device such as a Kindle or iPad because it is so convenient and it allows students to instantly look up vocabulary word definitions as he or she reads.

Speaking of vocabulary I strongly recommend keeping a Vocabulary Journal which can consist of a simple notebook.  With technology finding vocabulary is easy.  I have people go to where they can scroll down to view multiple words a day each of which has an archive that goes back 15 years.  Start with five words a day from refdesk, daily reading, television, various favorite computer sights etc. and immediately put them in the journal with a quick definition, a few synonyms, and a memory cue to recall the word more easily.  Take for example the word “pugnacious” which means in a fighting manner. Synonyms of pugnacious include: truculent, bellicose.  You can imagine two pug dogs in a boxing ring going at it, while a monster truck with bells suddenly runs over the dogs.  This will help remind you of the synonyms as well.  Keep it simple with whatever scenario, smell, sound, emotion or drawing necessary to recall key words.  Most of all continuously review past words and use them with teachers, friends, parents etc. so that you will remember them in the future.

Another program which I encourage families to use is EyeQ.  EyeQ is a speed reading and comprehension program developed by a company called Infinite Mind that we have been recommending for years because of a study I did.  Students who completed the program scored 73 points higher than the controlled group that didn’t use EyeQ and increased their reading speed by 143%.  Might be useful on the SAT and ACT all around.  It is also important to plan ahead particularly for Math.  If your goal is college then you must at least finish Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry prior to your Junior year of high school.

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