SAT Prep FAQs: Students Who Do Best on the SAT

More and more students have learned how to finagle there way to higher grades by copying homework and cheating on tests or assignments.  This usually turns into a frightening reality check when college application time arrives.  Deficient study habits and reading habits become extremely problematic when SAT and ACT preparation role around.  Giving that the average student today has poor study habits and today SAT prep contains consistent and diligent habits, the chances of a substantial increase becomes diminished.

The 8 qualities of students who perform their best on the SAT/ACT include:

  1. Goal oriented
  2. Consistent readers
  3. Excellent study habits
  4. Follow directions diligently
  5. Visually oriented
  6. Accustomed to regular practice (as in sports and performance)
  7. Emotional, calm, and relaxed
  8. And students who have a sense of humor

Unfortunately many students these days are deficient in these skills and this begins at a very early age by not establishing good study habits in the first place when most schools don’t offer such skills.

Here at SAT Preparation Group, the number one reason why our top 25% students have a 417 point average increase is because for the most part they have excellent study habits and follow through skills after working with us.  The reason why visually oriented people do well on SAT’s and ACT’s is because their thinking ability is naturally faster.  The untrained visual person is more prone to hastiness and needs to develop attention to detail and critical thinking skills to maximize scores.  In other words, we have to get them to slow down a little bit and focus on getting right answers vs. simply getting to the end of the section.

What do sports, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing and video games have in common?  The answer is being proficient at these things requires consistent practice.   The SAT and ACT are no different.  Athletes and performers understand the need for practice and are willing to do whatever it takes to improve.  That is why people who practice tend to do better preparing for tests like the SAT or ACT.  Did you know that laughing increases attention span by 700%?  That is why we interject laugh attacks with YouTube moments and hilarious material at various times before and during practice tests.   A good sense of humor is imperative to score increases.

Finally, we have found that students who remain habitually stressed or angry or fearful have a very difficult time improving because those emotions dramatically reduce cognitive abilities and thus lead to lower scores.  On the other hand students who have learned to become relaxed, focused and confident are often able to maintain their thinking ability for much longer periods of time.  Confidence is the final key, but not the only key.

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Steve Kirshenbaum, M.S. is an Educational Consultant and Founder of SAT Preparation Group, which specializes in in-home tutoring, SAT Preparation with a 200-point increase guarantee, college planning, and success strategies for teens. They can be reached at 877-672-8773 or
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