SAT Prep FAQs: What are the SAT 2’s?

These one hour exams cover a wide variety of subjects such as World History, US History, English Literature, Math Level 1, Pre-Calculus, and Math Level 2, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, as well as a variety of languages that include Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and German.

These tend to be difficult tests if you’re taking AP classes in any of the before mentioned subjects it is advisable to take these exams in May of your Junior year while you’re already in the process of reviewing for AP exams.  Which by the way are administered a week or two after the SAT and by the same company.  So the information is not only similar but it is still fresh in the mind.

Now, although there are specific books you can buy from the college board, those are the only books that I would recommend because they more closely model the type of questions asked on the actual tests.  Choose subjects that you are both familiar with and interested in.  In other words if you are a history buff then by all means take the history SAT 2 subject test.  If you are fluent in Spanish and are fresh off of an AP Spanish class, then take the Spanish SAT too.  If you’re a Math buff, then… well you get the idea!

One last thing! Many colleges are now taking ACT with writing in lieu of SAT 2 subject tests, so that may be a very viable option for many students.  Especially those without AP class work.  Check with each college to find out their specific requirements and as always, let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here.   We are always here to help at SAT Prep Group!


Steve Kirshenbaum, M.S. is an Educational Consultant and Founder of SAT Preparation Group, which specializes in worldwide ACT / SAT coaching. SAT Preparation Group advises in test prep, college planning, and success strategies for teens. SAT Preparation Group can be reached at 877-672-8773 or


SAT Preparation Group advises in test prep, college planning, and success strategies for teens. Call Us Today at 877-672-8773 or click here for a free consultation.

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