SAT Prep FAQs: What is SAT Dominance?

There are three primary skills necessary to achieve SAT and ACT dominance. 

  1. Peak Performance

  2. Critical Thinking Strategy

  3. Knowledge

In our research, most of the SAT and ACT prep industry focuses on knowledge only – teaching students how to rinse and repeat the information without truly committing their test prep to memory.  SAT Preparation Group does not do that!  This knowledge is often too technical and over the students’ heads.  When teaching this way, typical SAT tutors are communicating pedantically, in a common classroom fashion.  When doing this, students get bored quickly and don’t retain the information.  That is why the latest SAT guide published by the two largest companies in the industry had a minimal increase of just 12 points while the other had a 26 point average decrease.  That is clearly a bad investment. Just one of the things that makes our SAT prep world reknown is our 323.5 point average SAT score increase with our 2013-2014 students.  Score BIG with the best by getting a free consultation with SAT Preparation Group today.

Many other individual SAT tutors and small, intermediate SAT companies don’t even track their results.  This makes it very difficult to know what kind of improvement a student can expect from their personal SAT mentoring.  To see SAT Preparation Group’s SAT student results, click here. 

Furthermore, because most other test prep companies focus primarily on information only, a lot of naturally smart student show up to a test like the SAT or ACT and completely die during the test.   They are not prepared emotionally, psychologically, mentally or physiologically for the rigors of a five-hour SAT marathon.

So how have we consistently (from 2001-2013) achieved an average increase of math, reading and grammar of over 270 points?  And over 400 points for our top 25% students? …Easy! I decided early on to incorporate the three legged stool approach.  Let me explain.

First, for a student to maximize a SAT score, he or she must go into the test feeling incredible!  Think of how an athlete warms up for a game.  It is the same thing for the SAT or the ACT.  We instruct everyone of our students on SAT practice tests, what to do the night before the test, proper sleeping patterns, what to do the morning of the test, different forms of light exercise, nutrition, power moves to stay awake and focused, emotional triggers, proper snacking, etc.  These skills are to help the brain can function at peak efficiency.  What a concept!  Seems simple enough, but often it is the first time students are learning about this very important academic success principle.  This first leg of the stool I like to call, Peak Performance.

The second component of SAT and ACT success is learning Critical Thinking Strategies.  These strategies seldom get taught in schools, yet are crucial to standardized test mastery.  We like to focus on how to analyze math, reading, and grammar questions to minimize test taking errors. Additionally, we coach students on their time management and efficiency strategies for critical reading as well as knowing where the difficult SAT questions are to avoid penalties on the SAT specifically.  We teach students to understand omitting rules, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic feedback loops to improve their test-taking performance.

The third leg of the stool is not just knowledge but Super Simplified Pattern Recognition.  It isn’t rocket science.  Some of the concepts taught in schools are spread out over years and are not taught effectively enough to be remembered by the time a student is required to take the SAT or ACT.  We need to give students the 50 or so math patterns, 13 grammar rules, and consistent vocabulary that keeps showing up over and over again on the SAT.  When the students see these patterns over and over again, they start to get comfortable.  Students know exactly what to do every time because we present it as simple and straight forward as possible.  Again, just like learning a sport, dance, or singing – practice makes perfect!  So those are the three legs of the stool that I believe are necessary to create SAT and ACT dominance.

The two caveats are:

  1. You have to have a willing participant
  2. All three legs of the stool have to work together for maximum efficiency.

If the student has the knowledge and performs the critical thinking strategies but is in a low state of physical-energy, their score will not even be close to ideal.  In this state, students will miss their intended SAT score by hundreds of points.  On the contrary, a student can be totally fired up and ready for the SAT.  However, if he or she does not know what they are doing it is not going to matter how they have studied or what the student already knows.  The bottom line is all three legs need to be in harmony to achieve SAT and ACT dominance. 

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