SAT Prep FAQs: Why is the SAT Important to Colleges?

SAT and ACT scores are hugely important to 98% of all colleges. When considering an applicant schools look at primarily three things – SAT and/or ACT scores, grades and academics, and extracurricular activities. 

You might ask and rightly so, “How can a 5 hour standardized test have as much weight as 3 ½ years of academic performance?”  It may not seem fair, but it does.  The only thing you can do about it is maximize those SAT/ACT scores!

To me, standardized test scores are your foot in the door.  In other words, if a particular college has an acceptable SAT range from say, 1650 and above, with a medium score of 1800, and your SAT score is under that, then your application will probably end up in the reject pile and will be the equivalent of trash.  Now there are occasional exceptions for outstanding academics, athletic performance, and extra- curricular activities, but typically not. This is due to the competitive nature of the colleges.  Just think about it – the sheer number of applicants for a college these days!  That is why early preparing for SAT and ACT scores are so vitally important.

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