SAT Prep FAQs: Why SAT Classes Fail

The statistics on large SAT or ACT classes are incredibly meager.  The statistics on individualized SAT prep and ACT prep show a lack in test strategies and critical thinking tools.

According to the Fisk SAT Guide in 2010, the #2 company in the industry has a 26-point average decrease. That’s pretty deficient. Yet these 4-5 hour tests have almost equal weight as 3 ½ years of high school academics!  It’s not fair, but it is true.

Conventional SAT prep in our high school systems suffer from pedantic information overload and relies on severely outdated “memorize and regurgitate” techniques. Furthermore, many SAT tutors are young underpaid graduate students who have poor communication skills and lack teaching experience.  Even many seasoned private tutors are uninspired to today’s youth and therefore cannot impart crucial information affectively.

Another important failure of SAT prep companies is not providing full length and actual SAT practice tests for students to take on a weekly basis to develop endurance, thus when the students go to take the test itself their mental ability fades fast.

Poor parental feedback and structure is also missing for a lot of SAT prep and ACT prep curriculum.  The parents feel left out in the cold not knowing what is going on.  In addition, most conventional SAT/ACT classes are too large to individualize information for a wide variety of students who have a wide diversity of learning styles.  If the students are bored, they end up socializing and texting rather than learning.  The vast majority of students end up taking the SAT or ACT multiple times in an attempt to raise their score without knowing what to do between each test to help make that happen.  So it doesn’t make any sense to me as to why companies end their SAT preparation after only one test.  Additionally, most SAT prep companies don’t track results (see our SAT score results here) so parents have a very difficult time figuring out how their child will do on the test.  Don’t be lured by slick marketing campaigns designed to fill seats and create profits rather than actually helping students.  Those are just some of the reasons why most SAT classes and SAT tutors fail.  In fact, many of our students come to us in a panic as a result of the failure of a conventional SAT prep experience.  That is why we have incorporated peak performance, emotional management, nutritional strategies, cutting edge critical thinking, multiple test preparation strategies, and super simplified materials as our core curriculum.  Today’s sophisticated SAT requires cutting edge tools to create SAT or ACT dominance.


Steve Kirshenbaum, M.S. is an Educational Consultant and Founder of SAT Preparation Group, which specializes in in-home and online SAT/SSAT/ACT coaching, college planning, and success strategies for teens. SAT Preparation Group can be reached at 877-672-8773 or online at

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