SAT Preparation Group’s New Year’s Resolutions

Goals ConceptHappy New Year from all of us at SAT Preparation Group!  I am looking forward to having a happy and prosperous new year with all of our students and coaches.  2014 is going to be an amazing year for all of us!

You may already know that SAT Preparation Group already achieves the best and most proven SAT results on the planet, but we won’t stop there!  I have set some important goals for myself and our test prep coaches in this new year.

All of us here at SAT Preparation Group will continue to serve students and their parents with the very best test prep.  In the past 2012-2013 school year, SAT Preparation Group achieved an average SAT score increase of 323.5 point per student and 504.7 points for our top 25% students!  We celebrate these amazing results that keep us above and beyond any other test prep company.  In order to continue being the very best, SAT Preparation Group will continue to hold students accountable in doing their part.  We don’t want any students temporarily memorizing information just to get by.  As educational coaches, we are here to help students achieve their very best results on the SAT or ACT as well as learn important skills that will carry each of our students through college.  We are proud to help each of our students succeed in high school, college, and life beyond.

We will help students and their parents to understand that SAT preparation is not a magic bullet or the result of a Vulcan Mindmeld.  I like to compare SAT Preparation to sports.  In order to be good at this sport, a student has to workout their brain and sweat a little.  We strive to help students to get past the regurgitation tactics used to temporarily memorize information by encouraging students to stop, write things out (without looking), and study out loud.

Most students are used to seeing a math concept or grammar rule published in their textbook that allows each student to do their homework alongside these directions on how to find the correct answer.  Even then, student’s don’t necessarily get these concepts right.  However, the SAT and ACT will not provide a student with a how to chart, allow them to cheat, hand out a study guide, or give these students an easy pass.  While most students are used to taking a short, chapter test and being able to get by with information studied the night before, the SAT and ACT are there to challenge students on what they have learned, thusfar, throughout their entire educational careers.  A short study session will not help even the smartest students do their best on the SAT or ACT.  This is why SAT Preparation Group will work with students in several, consecutive study sessions – showing students a better way of studying and helping students practice their overall study skills.  Skills learned through SAT or ACT study sessions can be further applied to studying for any subject in high school and beyond.  This is part of what makes SAT Preparation Group courses priceless.

To ensure that our SAT Preparation Group is the best, each of our coaches will share a Weekly Accountability Action Plan with students and parents.  This plan will show parents where their students stand in their test prep.  With new elements included to deeply and strongly encourage life-long study skills, students will be measured on writing/noticing keywords and phrases on practice tests, taking the test properly, their level of energy, the completion of required homework, and many more aspects that will help each student be prepared for their big test day!

SAT Preparation Group takes pride in their ability to help a student not just for one test, but for life.  We will continue to help students understand how their brain works overall and what types of factors both positively and negatively affect their test performance.  Our SAT and ACT preparation not only includes important study skills, but a plethora of knowledge on overcoming test anxiety, important sleep habits, and overall student health.  Just one of the ways SAT prep coaches help students to achieve peak performance is through positive emotions that dramatically enhance test scores.  In addition to important SAT and ACT prep skills, we want students to know how to overcome the influence of their own negativity, frustration, test anxiety, unrpdocutive believe systems, poor diet, low oxygen supply, etc.

As we work together in the new year to provide high quality study materials to our students and continual training for each of our test prep coaches, we encourage students and parents alike to follow us on Facebook or Google+ and take part in our informative, daily vocabulary words, college information, blogs, and SAT/ACT challenges.

We are happy to be serving so many students throughout the WORLD both online and in-home with test prep for the SAT, SSAT, ACT, and GRE.  Thank you for being a part of what makes us a great test prep company as we continue to grow leaps and bounds here at SAT Preparation Group.

prep-sat-test-faculty-steveHappy New Year!

Steve Kirshenbaum | CEO




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