SAT Student Highlight: Connor Yockus

SAT Prep Student Connor Yockus recently finished his 10 session, individual at-home SAT study course with Steve Kirshenbaum, CEO and Founder of SAT Preparation Group.  Steve says, “Conner was a model student during the course. He did everything I asked him to do in terms of homework, practice tests, and other vital procedures. He learned the material wholeheartedly and, as a result, put himself in a very favorable position as far as the colleges are concerned.”

After weeks of rigorous training, Steve was happy to hear of Connor’s results.  Connor had a baseline score of 1130/2050 and an actual score of 1470/2270.  This was a score increase of 220 points.  (The 1470 in 1470/2270 is the SAT score out of a possible 1600 and was the highest score before March of 2005; the 2270 in 1470/2270 is out of a maximum score of 2400, which is comprised of a total of 800 points each for the reading, math, and grammar.)

Connor was happy with his final results when he sent this email to SAT Prep Group:

    Throughout my SAT journey, persistence with practice tests was most helpful to me. SAT prep group provides simulated practice tests, imageso I knew that I was experiencing exactly what I would experience on test day. Since I had to do a new practice test each week, I started to effortlessly realize patterns in the test. I would recognize key grammar concepts that the test always highlighted, and focus on those. Moreover, completing tests allowed to me asses my own strengths and weaknesses; I could isolate specific math concepts that I struggled with, or see that I needed to improve my vocabulary. The multitude of “real” practice tests helped me do this.
It was not always easy persisting with the practice tests or the nightly homework, but with Steve’s encouragement and his promise of higher scores through dilligent practice, I pushed through. I could not be more thrilled with my results, as now I know that all of my hard work was worth it. I am confident going in to the college application process and forever grateful to SAT Prep Group.
In short, my advice to SAT takers – PERSISTENCE. Complete your work and practice tests, even when it is hard and when you think that you can’t improve anymore. Persistence will help you to feel comfortable and confident with the test and help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Believe in the process and you will achieve your goals!

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