How A SAT Study Group Can Help You

SAT Study Group

Preparing for the SAT exam consists of far more than just reading and writing the same passages over and over again or doing the same math problems.  Tackling the SAT requires controlling anxiety, managing your allotted time well, and using test taking strategies that have been honed in the prior months leading to test day.

SAT scores are such an important component among the college admissions determinants, choosing and committing to a test preparation plan could be the difference between an average score and one that makes you stand out.

SAT Preparation Group provides an effective guide for those who are candidates to take the SAT exam.  Our methods can be learned through online programs, one-on-one tutoring sessions, or in an SAT study group.  Depending on your learning style and preferences, the choice of how to master our proven strategies and tips in vocabulary, math, writing, and reading comprehension, among others is up to you.


The SAT Study Group

A great modus operandi for a super SAT score is to prepare in a study group setting.  In particular when practicing for this exam, you may find that working with the instructor and two or three other students can prove to be an ideal setting for mastery of skills.  Some of the benefits in this kind of arrangement include:

  •      Diverse viewpoints:  Exposure to different perspectives can trigger easier comprehension and retention of information versus just hearing recommendations from the instructor alone.  Learning can often become simpler when explained through individuals who have had different experiences.
  •      Support system:  Let’s face it, preparing and taking the SAT is both daunting and arduous.   Studying with others can relieve some anxiety as you all face the same challenges and goals.  Study group members can also provide motivational help to each other, which will inevitably be needed from time to time and can tremendously improve attitude.
  •      Nature of group study:  Because of the cooperative and competitive nature of study groups, the promotion of reasoning and creativity are inevitable.  These qualities ensure deeper as well as easier absorption of learning.  Nothing beats that.
  •      Think out loud:  This technique is often overlooked in the study process. Thinking out loud in order to explain positions, expand on ideas, or merely talk through any misunderstandings is an effective tool to get to answers and remember the way you got there.  In addition, communication skills are also enhanced in this way, which always proves beneficial in other areas of life.
  •      Prep obligations:  This responsibility of pulling your own weight is understood under the surface when studying in a group.  No one wants to show up to a class with no preparation and nothing to contribute.  Therefore, scheduled study sessions become kinds of motivational deadlines to learn the material and then attend and participate in the discussions in order to fill in any gaps with learning.

SAT Preparation Group courses are all effective and we allow you the flexibility to choose between classes offered online, in small groups, or one-on-one.  We understand that each learner is different in how materials are absorbed; therefore, you can pick what setting can best allow for effective and efficient learning.  It is important to note, we have many success stories for those who participated in small study groups, and they continue to be a popular choice for SAT preparations.


Getting Started With Us

SAT Preparation Group has been helping high school student reach their academic goals for quite some time now.  Our coaches and staff make it our top priority to keep current with the latest trends in regards to SAT exams as well as how students learn.  If you are ready to make a commitment for doing well on the SAT, we are here to get you to that endeavor.

The SAT study group sessions we offer are flexible as to how many students join you and as to scheduling.  Over the years we have seen many benefits reaped from this way of studying which include psychological, intellectual, and emotional.   In addition, the good habits which are picked up during these classes also benefit other areas students are involved in, including college coursework.

If college is in your near future, it is best to get some training in how to take the SAT.  Research has shown that students tend to do better when going through some prep courses beforehand.  Because we keep in touch with our clients, our own studies show significant increases in students’ scores when going through a prep course with us.

SAT Preparation Group invites you to peruse our informative website which showcases our success stories.  There you can also get further details about our various preparation methods including our SAT study group options.  We look forward to working together.

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