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SAT Preparation Group is proud of our:

  • World’s Highest Overall Verifiable Score Increases = 283.5 Points
  • Average increase during 2012-2013 = 323.5 points
  • Top 25% Cumulative Average = 453.0 points
  • Top 25% during 2012-2013 = 504.7 points
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Our company has the highest average score increases in the nation of 323.5 points per student and 504.7 points for the top 25% of our students in 2012-2013.

Everything we do at SAT* Preparation Group focuses on obtaining the greatest possible result for each of our students. We are proud to lead the nation in verifiable test results and offer this actual real world sample of our performance.  Click here to download our Executive Summary of Results or click the graph below to see a history of our Cumulative Results from 2007 to 2013.

For a full list of Our Student SAT Results visit and visit our Individual School pages here.

SAT Preparation Group advises in test prep, college planning, and success strategies for teens. Call Us Today at 877-672-8773 or click here for a free consultation.

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