Senior Class of 2014 To-Do List

6a0133ec87bd6d970b017d408808e2970c-450wiNot to alarm you or anything, but summer will end soon enough and it will be time to head back to your last year of school!  Before summer officially begins at your high school office here are a few things rising high school seniors need to do:

1. Pick up a transcript THIS week BEFORE schools close for the summer, especially if you are applying to the University of Florida.  This is because the University of Florida just announced that like the University of California and other schools, University of Florida is requiring applicants to self-report grades in their applications.  This means you’ll need your transcript in order to complete the UF application this summer.

2.  Review your transcript to confirm classes, GPA, etc.  Make sure there are no mistakes.  Problems with transcripts are one of the most common reasons for delays and missed deadlines with college applications.  If you discover any problems or mistakes with your transcript, contact your school in writing with the issue and ask to have it corrected.  Review the revised transcript in the same manor.

3.  Send out standardized test scores if you have completed taking your SAT, SAT II (if you plan to take the SAT II) and ACT.  If you are re-taking tests, do not send them out as part of your application.

4.  Let teachers, counselors, and other advisors know if you would like to have letters of recommendations from them ready by fall.  They would appreciate the extra time and notice.

If you ahve any further questions about college applications or need help with your college essays, let us know.

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