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If you are finishing your junior year of high school (or know someone who is), then college application time is right around the corner and this blog is for you!  SAT Preparation Group is formally announcing an Essay Writing Service.

Look at it this way: the SAT/ACT is your foot in the door, the college application/resumthumbs upe is the potential acceptance, and the properly written essay can most assuredly be the catalyst to a thumbs up in your direction!  Applying for college is just like applying for a job.

SAT Preparation Group has been writing essays with students for their college applications for many years now.  Besides our 274.8 point averages SAT score increase per student, we have students who have been accepted to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Duke, NYU, Emory, Brown, US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy, West Point, Cornell, John’s Hopkins, MIT, Washington University, and the list goes on… (view our latest results)

So maybe, just maybe we know what we’re doing when it comes to preparing students for college, and life…

If you click here and sign up now before June 22nd, 2013 you will receive $50 off our 3-Essay Package or $100 off our 5-Essay Package.

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prep-sat-test-faculty-steveSo let’s help you increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams by supercharging your college essays!

Have an outstanding day,

Steve K. | SAT Preparation Group CEO



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