The Day of the SAT: What to Bring & What to Do

scores_retake_satPreparing for the SAT can be a daunting task. Students should give themselves an ample amount of time to study for each section of the SAT and take SAT practice tests regularlyThe SAT is a test that can determine how the next five years of a student’s life will be.  Scoring in the 90th percentile or above can land students important scholarships to help pay for their education as well as help students qualify for the school of their dreams!  In addition to a student’s high school resume and college application, SAT scores are weighted heavily in proving to a college or university the student’s intellectual capability.  What will your SAT say about you or your soon to be college student?

At SAT Preparation Group, we want all students to be as prepared for the SAT.  After so many long nights of studying, the number one thing that students tend to forget is what they should take with them to the SAT.  If a student shows up unprepared, test anxiety ensues.  There is no greater enemy than test anxiety when it comes to scoring your best on the SAT.

The Day of the SAT

  • First and foremost here at SAT Preparation Group we encourage a healthy breakfast before the test with the right nutrients to keep the brain engaged and energy levels up throughout the full length of the test.
  • Second, we want to make sure that students not only arrive on time but arrive early enough to not feel distracted or rushed.  On the day of the test, get there early enough to become familiar with your surroundings, to be reassured of the process, and to make sure you have everything you need including a good dose of positive self-talk and enough time to feel calm and cool.

The Night Before the SAT

  • Pack several sharpened No. 2 pencils, a small sharpener (just in case), and make sure you still have good erasers left on those pencils.  If not, bring an eraser.
  • Pack one or two reliable pens that have either black or blue ink.
  • If the ticking clock makes you nervous, wear an official SAT or ACT watch so you can monitor the time (use discount code: BLOG to receive 10% off your testing watch at  Make sure your watch does not beep, have a set alarm, or include any calculating devices.
  • Pack your social security number if you do not have it memorized.
  • Pack your admissions ticket.  Sign in to MySAT to print your admissions ticket now.
  • Pack an acceptable photo ID.
  • Pack an acceptable calculator such as a graphing or scientific calculator unless you have been told otherwise (some schools will offer calculators for the students to use).

Now that you are well versed on what to bring to the SAT, consider what it is you should NOT bring with you to the test.

Do Not Bring These Items To The SAT

  • cell phones
  • MP3 players
  • recording devices
  • books
  • a dictionary
  • your own scrap paper
  • notes
  • highlighters
  • timers
  • cameras
  • laptops
  • any electronic device (other than an official watch or calculator)

Now that you are ready to take your SAT we wish you the best of luck!  Let us know if you have any SAT or SAT study related questions in the comments below and check out our FREE SAT eBook HOW TO CRUSH THE SAT IN 3 EASY STEPS.

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