The Quintessential Element of SAT Prep: Personal Coaching

personal_and_professional_coaching-resized-600As a parent of a college bound high school student, one primary factor in choosing a quality SAT Preparation Company is tracked results over years of past student performance.Finding a quality SAT Preparation Company that is happy and eager to share long-term results with you then become crucial to the process. The quintessential element then becomes the coaching itself, ideally with a person who has considerable experience motivating and edifying teenagers.

There are numerous bizarre complexities and concepts that even smart students have extreme difficulty with. In a nutshell, the College Board—and to a lesser degree the ACT organization–know exactly what goes on academically at high schools around the country and the test writers then create test problems with which the vast majority of students are utterly unfamiliar with. This in itself creates frustration, disorientation, and panic; in short, under these conditions mental performance and focus diminish dramatically resulting in lower than expected SAT scores.

Trying to piece together the SAT or ACT by yourself is a spectacularly futile exercise. It’s like assembling a 10,000 piece single-colored jigsaw puzzle with fully dilated pupils in a dark room. Good luck with that!

Remember, these are the tests that colleges use to gauge whether you qualify or not. Even if you have great grades and a plethora of extracurricular activities, your application may end up in the trash if your SAT scores or ACT scores are not up to par.

This is where a qualified SAT Coach can be of immense benefit.

A highly competent SAT Coach can guide your student through the SAT or ACT mine field in avoiding the inherent brain bombs, quick sand pools, and snake pits inherent to both tests. Furthermore, good chemistry between teacher and student is essential in establishing trust and rapport.

When a student engages in SAT preparation, she or he is more often than not already overwhelmed by immense amounts of school work and extracurricular activities. So, having a trusted SAT Coach, especially one who treats the student as a human being on equal footing, makes SAT prep and ACT prep palatable and even enjoyable.

Learning how to successfully master the SAT and/or ACT is a bit daunting at first because of the inherent unfamiliar territory. It’s not rocket science, but it does require learning the new rules of the game.  Just like an athlete learning how to play tennis for the first time, he or she has to get a feel and go through a learning curve until activities and thought processes become automatic and repetitive.

Coaching is absolutely crucial throughout this learning curve and beyond just like it is in sports, dance, and musical performance. An excellent SAT Coach innately knows how to recognize what a student is doing correctly and then enthusiastically point those things out to create internal motivation within the student. In other words, if a student, after a reasonably short period of time, knows that doing certain activities lead to a 300-point SAT practice test increase, that student will be extremely encouraged to continue doing those things to improve even further. Tremendous momentum ensues like a snowball rolling down a steep mountain slope. This also ultimately results in incredible confidence for the student during the real test itself.

In summary, by all means search for an SAT Preparation Company that has a proven track record of success with results you can see for yourself with your own eyes and that has qualified Coaches that you can meet in advance and in whom you feel strongly will treat you and your child with the respect you deserve. After all, it is the personalized SAT Coaching that can be the quintessential element that propels your child to success on the SAT or ACT to maximize college and scholarship options.

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