What are the 2016 SAT Changes?

Spring 2016 marks exciting and important changes for the SAT!  So often students ask why the SAT is important to their future.  Well, the College Board heard you!  The new SAT will be considered far more relevant to what student’s should already know as well as what students should be prepared for in college and beyond.

Similar to the current SAT, there will be three sections on the SAT: Reading & Writing, Math, and the Essay.  The SAT will be returning to a 1600 point scoring system.  The reading and writing section, as well as the math section will be scored up to 800 points each.  However, the essay is now optional (although your school district or the college you are applying to may require the essay).  Therefore, the essay score will be reported separately and not included in the full SAT score.

The changes being made to the 2016 SAT are focused on preparing students for college level work and their career of choice.  While the SAT today gives no real concept of what type of work or writing language to expect in college, the new SAT expects to already see a college level of work in high school students.  This means the new SAT will require a higher level of critical thinking and reading comprehension.  Students will need to be prepared to read many long passages and answer relevant questions with key information from each passage.  This includes math!

The math section will rely heavily on problem solving.  These problem solving questions will focus on questions you may come across as students venture on their own to college and when they begin at their first career-level job.

The new SAT will center questions on a variety of non-fiction reading passages that include history, science, and social students.  Students will be required to reference each passage in their work – whether answering a question about a passage or giving a writing response.

Rather than submitting a boxed and delivered, five paragraph persuasive essay, students will now be required to respond to a reading passage in a college level persuasive format that will include citations and references.

This will be a difficult transition for students who are used to memorizing a few key concepts or vocabulary words to get by on a test.  The new SAT is meant to reward students who make learning a part of their life rather than a necessity to get by. While most test prep companies that offer personal coaching or tutoring on the SAT will be stumped by these changes, SAT Preparation Group has never focused on short term study skills.  While many test prep companies work with their students to memorize key concepts and vocabulary words, SAT Preparation Group does not believe in a memorization-regurgitation-memorization-regurgitation cycle of learning.  That is why we offer personal coaching for student success and not JUST SAT tutoring.  Our goal is to help students perfect their critical thinking skills and improve their study habits in a way that will ensure success throughout the rest of their life and not just on one test.

We are happy for these SAT changes!  While the new SAT serves as a foundation for the skills and knowledge required to be successful in life, SAT Preparation Group has committed this higher level of learning to each of their students since 2001.  We will continue to offer the perfect combination of life coaching and test prep tutoring for students – encouraging our students to focus on their mental patterns and health habits first and foremost.  We look forward to standing behind our students in their success as these SAT changes take place!

Check out the Infographic below for a brief overview of the changes being made to the SAT:


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