What Can South Florida SAT Tutors Do For You?


Every year, nearly three million high school students sit for the SAT exam worldwide in hopes for a high score in order to make their college admissions packet worthwhile to enter an institute of personal choice.  Despite what some critics may say in regards to invalidating the importance of doing well on this exam, the SAT is rather important and could very well be the single best indicator of what kind of student you are in the eyes of the potential university.  In short, the SAT matters a whole lot.

Furthermore, the SAT is designed to highlight each applicant’s college preparedness with emphasis placed on demonstrating what knowledge was gained through high school classes and the application of techniques to problem solve and think critically when answering the questions.

Evidence, by means of the overall score, will enable admission’s officers to determine whether or not applicants are ready to tackle their first college semester at the university they seek to enter.  The writing section of the SAT also gives indications of reasoning abilities and how well of a communicator the applicant is.

SAT tutors in South Florida can provide the essential support to students for this high-stake exam.  Convenient in-home tutoring, as well as online SAT preparation is offered through SAT Preparation Group.  Our coaches are familiar with the community students, schools, and families, and therefore tutoring candidates for the SAT exam has become second nature to us.


The Importance of Tutoring For The SAT

Our SAT tutors can make all the difference to help attain a great score.  Our program offers a personalized approach that works with all students’ learning styles, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  We ensure a perfect fit between the students and tutors and guarantee a strong relationship that will prepare test takers to maximize their efforts.

In order to capitalize on the best results on test day, our competent tutors work towards establishing core skills for:

  •      reading comprehension
  •      critical thinking
  •      effective writing
  •      math problem solving

These foundational areas are at the heart of the SAT exam and coursework will be customized to learn effective strategies for them.  Unique programs and methods are tailor-made to enable a variety of learners to gain the appropriate knowledge necessary to do well.

In addition to the core subjects, our SAT tutors provide guidance for lifelong testing skills that can be utilized in other areas and include:

  •      maintaining a healthy mind-body balance
  •      proper time management and pacing
  •      personalized scheduling for study times
  •      practice under actual test conditions
  •      building up endurance

Furthermore, our individualized tutoring program provides other key features such as

  •      weekly parent follow-ups
  •      statistical tracking
  •      daily homework assignments
  •      multimedia tools
  •      individualized and critical feedback

As is evident, our approach is holistic and can actually be used in many other test taking circumstances.  Merely providing core skills in the areas of the SAT is not enough, and we understand that well.

Building up good habits will be imperative on exam day.  It is not enough for you to know the material; you actually have to practice these habits daily for quite some time in order to not be surprised when the pressure ignites.  On exam day you must also be self-confident in order to follow through with all that you have been preparing for.

All in all, because your tutor will be personalizing guidance for you, all the techniques will be tailored towards your preferences in learning style and areas that require more focus.   One-on-one tutoring will prepare you academically as well as mentally to conquer the SAT.  Through our guidance and your dedication you will reach your highest potential.


Our Track Record Equals Your Success

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself, and our verifiable SAT score increase is among the highest in the field for test prep providers.  We make it a point to stay in touch with our students and parents and keep track of their success.  All these results are showcased on our website, which we invite you to peruse.

In addition, we encourage you to call us to take advantage of a free consultation where we can answer any of your questions and show you more closely what we do and how.  You will also have a chance to meet and get to know some of our tutors who have a wide range of educational and professional qualifications.  They also come from diverse backgrounds and extensive experiences.

Finally, our individualized sessions will equip you to be appropriately ready for the SAT on exam day.  We have refined our methodology to effectively maximize your studying efforts and critical thinking strategies.  A soon as you know that you are a candidate to take the SAT exam, we encourage you to let one of our SAT tutors in South Florida help you tackle it.  

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