Learn To Expect What Is On The SAT


For students everywhere, exams are a part of regular life, but perhaps the most stressful one of all, in particular for those who are college bound, is the SAT.  With good reason individuals who sit for this test know that a lot rides on it and doing well is vital for entrance to a worthwhile institute.  When talking to those preparing for the SAT their desire is to find the most effective test taking tips for success.

SAT Preparation Group recognizes these anxieties and works hand-in-hand with you to get you to your goals.  Our SAT coaches have many years of experience with the exam and with all kinds of learners.  We have narrowed down the essential components of what to expect on the SAT so that you can do your very best on test day.

Our approach encompasses not only grasping the math, verbal, and writing tools and rules needed for a phenomenal score, but also equally important are such factors like:

  •      Good time management and overall balance
  •      Ways to keep calm and focused
  •      Familiarity with the test structure and typical questions
  •      The process of how to effectively eliminate wrong answers
  •      Tips for keeping morale high and honing into creativity

Although it is important to really know the material and concepts on the SAT, without these above elements, you will not do well.  For this reason, SAT Preparation Group provides a holistic approach in getting individuals ready for the test.  The way we see it, there is no other way.

The SAT measures verbal and math reasoning abilities and effective writing skills.  A student ought to be able to comprehend and analyze written material and problems, as well as draw inferences and come to conclusions.  Your final score will demonstrate if you have the necessary capabilities to be successful in college and beyond.


Some Expectations During Test Day

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the evening before the exam and the morning of plan on having a hearty breakfast for adequate energy and mental focus.  Be at the testing site at 8:00 a.m. and check-in.  From there you will be directed to the room for testing; however, make sure to locate the restrooms before finding your seat and test booklets are handed out.

The SAT is divided into ten sections which are organized as following:

  •      25-minute essay
  •      Six 25-minute sections consisting of

o   Mathematics

o   Critical reading

o   Writing

  •      Two 20-minute sections consisting of

o   Mathematics

o   Critical reading

o   Writing

  •      10-minute multiple choice writing section

In total the test runs three hours and 45 minutes with three short breaks during that time.  As a reminder, you can bring snacks and a drink with you to consume during these rest periods.  In addition, it is allowed and a really good idea to wear a watch in order to help you maintain a steady pace.


The Reading, Writing, and Math Sections

In all, the reading section consists of 67 multiple choice questions, and of these, 19 are sentence completion, while 48 are reading comprehension.  Some tips for this section include inferring what the topic and purpose of the passages are about while you are reading and predicting an answer before reading the options offered.  Lastly, for longer passages, there are usually included multiple people with various opinions; therefore, take notes in order to eliminate confusion and get you to an answer quickly.

For the writing section, you can expect a short essay and the multiple choice questions ask for identification of errors as well as improvements in grammar.  The essay can be rather simple because it is formulaic and with some practice can seem like second nature to you by the time it matters.  The suggestion is that you practice with a good amount of timed writing sessions that you can do with prompts and critically review them for mistakes and ways for improvement.

In the math section you will need to apply equations and formulas which by the time test day comes you will be familiar with and know well enough; however, the trick is to use them with the correct problems.  You can expect questions in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.  Strategies include getting lots of practice in all these areas, and on test day make good use of your scratch paper.

These few details are a mere overview of what to expect on the SAT on test day.  Our coaches and staff at SAT Preparation Group can provide you with a finer breakdown of concepts, test taking techniques, and ways to get you to a top score.  We are here to enable you to do your very best on this crucial exam.

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