Why You Need An ACT Private Tutor


The ACT, or the American College Test, can be considered a rival to the SAT as part of the typical college admissions requirements.  The results are accepted by all four year college and universities across the United States.  The exam has up to four component areas:  English, reading, mathematics, science, and an optional fifth one in writing, known as the ACT plus Writing.

The test is administered six times a year and is taken by nearly 1.8 million high school students every year.  Preregistration for the exam, along with a fee, is required.  Most college and universities do not indicate a preference between either the ACT or SAT exam and both are treated the same to admissions officers, although there are some differences.

Given the equal importance to the admissions process, preparation for taking the ACT should be well contemplated and a serious effort should be exerted for study.   Probably the single best way to ensure a dynamite score, which will provide a stand out lead for your admissions packet, would be to acquire an ACT private tutor.  As our many years of experience shows, our team at the SAT Preparation Group can help you understand the purpose of the ACT exam and provide you with the essential strategies for success.


Understanding the Differences Between the ACT and the SAT

At some point in a high school student’s career the decision for whether or not to attend college will inevitably come up.  For those who plan on a further education, taking a standardized test is a definite requirement.  That means that either the SAT or ACT must be taken.

Although the two tests have equal weight for admissions considerations, the format of the exams are slightly different.

  •      SAT:  tests three main areas, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics, in ten sections.  The first section is always the writing.
  •      ACT:  tests five main areas, English, reading, math, science, and writing.  The writing section is always last and optional.

Another difference includes the scoring for each exam.

  •      SAT:  scores each of the three sections which receives a score between 200 and 800; therefore the highest (or perfect) score you can get is a 2400.  Each incorrect multiple-choice answer receives a ¼ of a point deduction in the overall score.
  •      ACT:  scores each of the five sections with a range from 1 to 36 points.  There is also a combined English-writing score for the writing section.  There is no penalty for incorrect answers on multiple-choice questions.  A composite, or average of the four tests, is given as the final ACT score which ranges from 1 to 36.

Aside from these major differences in the two exams, there are also some other slight variances that sway students to take one or the other; although, there is a trend for many to actually take both.   Ideally, if you are a candidate for the ACT exam or need help deciding which to take in order to reach your admissions goals, we can help you sort out the information to make your choice easier.  Our tutors are thoroughly knowledgeable and up-to-date with trends and universities’ preferences that will steer you to where you want to be.


Providing The Best ACT Tutor

Studying for the ACT on your own can prove an insurmountable task and leave you hopeless.  Through much experience and research, The SAT Preparation Group has honed certain strategies, which when followed could maximize the best results for your efforts.  Working with one of our private tutors will leave you with the self-confidence and knowledge to make the exam a breeze.

The benefits of working with a tutor are obvious, endless, and evident from the first meeting.  Time, especially when working hard towards a goal, is precious and requires appropriate management in order to reap the best use from it.  Therefore, the most surefire way to a great ACT score is to commit to a team relationship with one of our SAT Prep tutors.

You will learn college exam techniques including plenty of practice problems with authentic test questions and extra hints into what can be expected on test day.  We also offer tips for managing time and energy so that you remain in control for the whole duration of the exam.  Our capable staff will enable you to reach and sustain your college entrance goals.

We invite you to view our testimonials on our website from people such as parents, educators, and kids that offer real proof to our tutoring system.  We are always excited to work with local community and enjoy receiving news of the positive results of our young people’s efforts.  So when you are considering an ACT private tutor you need not look any further than the SAT Preparation Group.

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