SAT Preparation Group offers test prep courses that are designed to be personalized to your SAT, SSAT, ACT, and/or GRE needs.

Let’s figure out what type of course will be best for you!

SAT Prep Group currently offers these test prep packages both in-home and online:

Each package comes within a minimum of 8 1-hour sessions and as many as 12 1.5-hour sessions.  Add-on coaching sessions are available for additional study time.

In-home, individualized SAT coaching is available to students in specific Southern Florida areas.  Online SAT Coaching is available to students worldwide!

Both online and in-home test prep are available for everyone.* Whether you choose to learn from the convenience of your computer or from our Elite Coaches in person, we will dedicate our full resources to increasing your score

*online test prep subject to student having a sufficient internet connection and Skype to hold sessions.

You have the option of enrolling in 8,10, or 12 sessions. How many you need depends on where you are in your test-taking skills. But how do you know which option’s right for you?

Concierge Service Offered

In Home


Private sessions

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Group Sessions


Daily personalized homework assignments

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Backstage pass to our vocab games proven to increase word retention

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Full access to our life skills and test techniques scientifically proven to improve alertness and stress management

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