SAT Tutoring in Orlando

Being centralized in the state of Florida, Orlando is a bustling city full of opportunities and people. With such a high population and a wealth of schools, tutoring services have exploded in recent years. With over a hundred different private and public high schools, students are constantly in need of guidance and assistance with their studies. More so, this shows how many students are preparing to take the SAT each year.

As with any test, the SAT requires intense study and preparation to maximize the score. It can be taken multiple times, but with proper training only one or two attempts will yield a maximum score. There are a wide variety of options when seeking tutoring in Orlando, but first, one should be familiar with the types of tutoring available.

Methods of Tutoring

Tutoring is something that usually occurs as a supplementary form of education. It targets specific subjects or elements of learning and seeks to fine tune them into a more efficient form. As opposed to generalized education, tutoring allows for one-on-one instruction that targets a specific form of the student’s education. It is also widely used for test preparation because of its efficiency.

While tutoring is offered in many forms, there are three main methods of tutoring:

1. In-Home Tutoring

As the name describes, this type of tutoring occurs in the home and involves either one-on-one guidance from an instructor, or in a small group of students. The benefits involved with this kind of instruction begin with the simple fact that the student does not need to travel in order to receive instruction. In addition, the student receives a program tailored to their needs, and one that targets areas of learning that need the most attention.

By receiving the education in the home, a place of comfort, the student will not feel pressured by the presence of other classmates and will therefore be more apt to ask questions and absorb the information. It will also allow the tutor to achieve a more in-depth understanding of the student’s needs, whereas a classroom setting won’t facilitate this kind of mutual understanding because of typical class sizes.

2.   Online Tutoring

This method of tutoring is a direct result of how far technology has come and allows learning to take place over the internet between teachers and students. There are many approaches and options associated with this method. The major differences when employing this type of tutoring are the interfaces, and the methodologies of each approach. This kind of tutoring is constantly evolving and changing, and while there is not a perfect method, there are several types that have proven successful.

The main similarities here are the use of a learning management system, and the use of concepts like independent learning, knowledge construction, online discussion, and more. With the amount of option available, it all comes down to various forms of piecing these separate concepts together to achieve the perfect fit.

3. On-Site Tutoring

The third method of instruction involves a physical location by which students can be taught using the same methods of one-on-one instruction. In this scenario, the student is placed in a neutral environment which can be beneficial to their focus. Tutoring in-home can sometimes be distracting because they are still within the walls of their home. A neutral location can remove those distractions in many cases and create and more focused learning environment.

SAT Tutoring in Orlando: What Are the Options?

When seeking an SAT tutoring program in Orlando, you won’t have shortage of options. Of course, more isn’t always better. Before we examine the option in-depth, let us see just how many there are to choose from:

  • Kaplan
  • UCF Test Prep
  • Wise Owl Tutoring
  • WyzAnt Tutoring
  • Club Z

What do these names mean to you? Some you may recognize, and some you may not, but the simple fact is that none of them really mention their specialties in the name. Let’s say you decided to research one of these, and you read about their SAT preparation services. You find out that they offer online courses, but not in-home ones. Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

When you try to seek out their previous results and successes, you have trouble finding any concrete evidence that their programs truly work. When it comes down to it, you’ll soon see that not a single one of these services offers a full suite of test preparation across all three aforementioned methods of tutoring.

Honesty, Transparency, and Results with the SAT Preparation Group

The SAT Preparation Group proudly boasts all three methods of tutoring offered through their comprehensive services. Currently, the elite group of coaches and tutors has physical locations in Coral Springs, and Boynton Beach, Florida. Soon, an Orlando location is set to open, and in the meantime, both online and in-home SAT preparation services are available.

The all-inclusive, holistic training offered by the SAT Preparation Group encompasses the students individual needs and caters the course to them. With a free consultation, students can learn more about the program, and how it fits their needs, and prepares them both mentally and physically for the SAT exam. More than this though, the company proudly boasts an average increase of as much as 341.9 points per student!

Test results are constantly updated and posted on the website to encourage a sense of honesty and transparency. Students makes leaps and bounds after completing the program, opening up massive opportunities for their higher education. While tutoring in Orlando may offer a wealth of options, the only true choice here is the one with proven results, and multiple methods of tutoring that simply are not offered by the other services in the city.