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Steve Kirshenbaum has kept meticulous records since 2001. Check out “Our Results “ to see our stats. We are always 100% transparent so you know what you’re getting when you choose us.

Steve Kirshenbaum and Celia Barranon  offer a unique combination of elite test prep coaching and life skills mentoring. With the dual role of test prep coach and life skills mentor we guide our students to success that will carry them from high school, through college, and beyond! Everything we do focuses on obtaining the greatest possible results for all of our students!

As part of our elite test prep services, we offer online test prep WORLDWIDE in addition to our in-home test prep courses taught throughout South Florida. Our test prep courses include preparing for the SAT, ACT

World highest real overall SATPG students’ average : 250.7 points

Top 25% SATPG students average score increase: 402.3

SATPG students’ Total Reading/Writing/Math average score increase: 364.6

SATPG top 25% students’ average score increase: 587.6

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Top 25% 250.7 Points

Average Score Increase 2019-2020

All Students 402.3 Points

Top 25% Score Increase 2019-20