We Don’t Tutor, We Coach

Because Test Prep Can Make You Sweat Harder Than Sports

In team sports, like basketball, baseball, or soccer for example, players and coaches have a concern for overall student health and rely on regular practice sessions prior to each game.  Each of these areas lends to winning the game. You wouldn’t read a book on soccer and just show up for the first game would you? While reading a book may help in knowing how to play the game, it does not show you how to win the game or be good at playing the game. Likewise, the same is true for SAT prep.  SAT Preparation Group helps students to flex their test-taking muscles through regular practice tests while also teaching students to manage their energy, emotions, and confidence to assist on the day of the test.
SAT Preparation Group students are instructed on innovative strategies that dramatically help energize, focus, calm, and emotionally stabilize the test takers mindset.

Students are then able to utilize these advanced peak performance techniques to awaken the brain and body for maximum success. During the actual test itself certain tactics are gleaned to keep the students focused, calm, relaxed, and confident, much like an Olympic athlete during intense competition. The bottom line is: When students are in the “Zone,” their test scores skyrocket.

Furthermore, there is an entire strategic approach to taking the SAT that most students are completely unfamiliar with. The College Board test writers study what high school students do and purposely create intensely tricky problems that seem upside down and backwards, which typically produces a series of stressful obstacles during the test. In learning how to prepare for taking the SAT, students must learn a whole new set of skills, much like suddenly learning a new sport. SAT Preparation Group students are taught to be highly skilled in reading more efficiently, unraveling math word problems, writing effective essays, and quickly deciphering grammar errors.

SAT Preparation Group provides elite in-home (for South Florida residents) or online (worldwide) test prep for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.  To learn more about what we do, request a free consultation by clicking here.