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Ultimate success is just a click away; literally anywhere and anytime. 

Through either our online platform or in-home coaching,  students get to experience a one-on-one coaching that guides them through the treacherous terrain of both, the ACT and SAT
Our  leading proprietary system has gone around the world: from our homebase in South  Florida as well as other states like California, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and more, to Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal to name a few. 
SAT Prep Group has opened a plethora of  unimaginable doors and  opportunities enriching student's lives.  SAT Prep Group's system has also assisted students around the globe in obtaining  innumerable scholarships, grants and awards. 
After the completion of our course,  students end up with concrete skills, more knowledge and a sense of empowerment. 



Flexible Schedule

We offer packages of 8, 10, and 12 sessions with the option to add more later.
8 Sessions: ideal for extra-motivated/self-taught students or seniors in a rush
10 Sessions: designed for students with a solid academic foundation but need to get over a score slump.
12 Sessions: geared for the students who need that extra mile or have a lot of time to prep.

About Us

Steve Kirshenbaum established SATPG in 2001 after experiencing the poor state of the conventional test prep industry. Thanks to Steve’s unrelenting vision to develop a coaching program able to be tailored for anyone, we have been able to help over 1400 students find their true potential, increasing their score by an average of 336. Our holistic test prep is a fusion of life habits and academic skills scientifically-proven to improve brain functioning, alertness, and retention. Every SATPG Elite Coach is intensely dedicated to their students’ success. We never stop innovating. We never stop striving for our students’ best score. Check out Our Results (backed up by over a decade of data). The numbers speak for themselves.





  • I chose to go to the University of Miami! My 34 on the ACT qualified me to be a Foote Fellow member at the school, which includes allowing me to skip general ed. classes and my 2140 on the SAT certainly helped me get $27,000 in scholarships per year for four years.
    Alexis W
  • I want to let you know Allison's SAT greatly improved with your course (+540 points). She scored 2070, which is a huge improvement from a 1530. I think it was critical in getting her into UF. Thank you! We recommend your course to everyone.
    Brian H
  • I have decided to go to Scripps College in the Fall! Thank you for helping me achieve this goal! I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!
    Isabella M
  • I'd like to thank you and all the folks at SAT Prep Group as it has truly been a learning experience and I couldn't of asked for better help or a better tutor along the way!
    Julian A
  • I'm pleased to say that thanks to your help on the SAT (2230 and a 300 point increase), I was accepted to the Stanford summer program.
    Zach F