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We are the only Test Prep company in the world that publishes their results online for everyone to see. We want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting when you choose us. Check them out here.

416.5+ Points (New SAT, out of 2400)

Average Score Increase for All Students for 2017

286.5+ Points (New SAT, out of 1600)

Average Score Increase for All Students for 2017

We Make it All About You.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Take our mobile-ready online course with you everywhere you go. We designed it in-house to include reading assignments, video tutorials, and learning checks. There’s no excuse for procrastination when your textbook is in your pocket.

Flexible Schedule

We offer packages of 8, 10, and 12 sessions with the option to add more later.

  • 8 Sessions: ideal for extra-motivated/self-taught students or seniors in a rush.
  • 10 Sessions: designed for students with a solid academic foundation but need to get over a score slump.
  • 12 Sessions: geared for the students who need that extra mile or have a lot of time to prep.

Choose Your Learning Space

Get coached at home either face-to-face or online. In-home coaching is available in South Florida and online learning is accessible globally. Both options offer the comfort of test prep in the privacy of your own home.

How It Works

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is our exclusive collection of recommendations, guidelines, and exercises that have been proven to dramatically increase test scores. It includes:

  • Nutrition and exercise program optimized for an alert brain
  • Stress and time management techniques to calm test-day nerves
  • Goal-setting activities to boost self-confidence

Test Dominance Strategies

Test Dominance! Strategies work harmoniously with Peak Performance to maximize our students’ scores. Our students learn how to translate test questions into ideas that are easy to work with and expose the hidden clues that make choosing between A and B effortless. This is all thanks to our:

  • Customized approach for every student–no cookie cutters here!
  • Simulated practice tests that build mental endurance.
  • Elite Coaches who help students recognize question patterns.
  • Curriculum designed by industry experts to be as easy and painless as possible that includes SATPG’s Ultimate SAT/ACT Guides, Hilarious vocabulary games, and video library.


Is the 2017 SAT for Me?

Generally the students who fit the SAT Profile are extremely methodical and analytical. Students who can take the time to figure out exactly what a question is asking, and then follow our problem-solving procedures, will do well on this test.

Is the 2017 ACT for Me?

Our top ACT scorers are great at solving questions very quickly. Students with stronger math and science backgrounds, or those who have a hard time with advanced reading comprehension, typically perform better on the ACT.

Taking Both Tests the Smart Way

Most test prep companies will tell you that there’s no point in taking both tests, but that’s not true.

Our students have had amazing results with an SAT-focused track, and then switching to the ACT if they are interested in it as well. Why? Because the SAT requires much more critical thinking, which makes transitioning to the ACT very easy.

SAT Preparation Group publishes all test score results and references. Students completing the course during the 2013 test season achieved a score increase of
341.9 points on average when comparing their baseline SAT diagnostic test and their final super score. Results vary and are not guaranteed.